Mala needs our help

Hiccup icon

Hiccup: "If we want to change everyone's minds on dragons, we need to show everyone that they aren't evil. We've been using a Terrible Terror mail system to send messages to the other islands. Eret volunteered to take point on the project. Can you ask him how it's going?"

1-See if Eret has everything for his voyage at the training Grounds

Eret icon

Eret: "Ahoy there, [your viking's name]. Are you here to see me off?

Thor's britches, Queen Mala needs our help! The message says that ther ship was hit by a storm at Helheim'n Gate. Well, I'm not one to leave royalty waiting. Let's go!"

2-Go to Helheim's Gate

Eret icon

Eret: "According to the note, the storm pushed them northeast. Open your compass and let's find Mala!"

3-Head northeast to find Mala

Mala icon

Mala: "[Your Viking's name]! I'm glad you got the message."

4-Speak with Mala

Mala icon

Mala: "It's great to see you again, especially in these circumstances. Who's this?"

Eret icon

Eret: "I'm glad you asked! I am Eret, son of..."

Mala icon

Mala: "No time for an elaborate intro, sailor. Three of my best Defenders were thrown overboard in the crash."

Item: 1 Defenders' Tuning Fork

Mala icon

Mala: "When Defenders get lost, we whistle a specific note so we can be found over the sounds of the rumbling volcano at our island. Hiccup showed me his 'Storm Ear', so we made a tuning fork that is attuned to it. Perhaps it will help you find my men."

5-Find the Defender

! icon

!: "Use your dragon's fire on the sea stack to signal Eret's ship."

6-Tell your dragon to shoot on the rock as a signal

Mala icon

Mala: "Thanks the stars we found you!"

Defender of the Wing icon

Defender of the Wing: "I knew you would, my queen!"

Eret icon

Eret: "Miss Queen Mala, or whatever I'm supposed to call you, I'm not any run-of-the-mill sailor. I'm the greatest dragon wrangler-"

Mala icon

Mala: "I care little about your self-proclaimed titles, sailor. I am focused on the safety of my people. [Your Viking's name], use the storm ear to find the second survivor."

7-Find the next survivor

Defender of the Wing 2 icon

Defender of the Wing 2: "Your name is [your Viking's name] and you're here to rescue me? That's fantastic. You should signal my Queen with your dragon."

8-Light a signal fire on the seastack with your dragon

Eret icon

Eret: "Nice one, [your Viking's name]. I've decided that the Queen can call me whatever she likes - as long as she remembers my name!"

Mala icon

Mala: "One last Defender is out there in the water. Let's find him."

9- Find the final survivor

! icon

!: "Signal Eret's ship with your dragon to rescue the final survivor."

10- Signal Eret with a fire at the top of the seastack

Mala icon

Mala: "My gracious thanks... the Defenders owe you a great debt."

Eret icon

Eret: "Another job well done! I hate to rain on the reunion, but we've managed to lose all bearings inside this hazy maze. I believe we need to head south or southwest of here... [your Viking's name], could you use your compass and find the way out?"

11- Use your compass and head south-southwest to find the exit.

Eret icon

Eret: "We're out! I mean... of course we're out. I never doubted us for a second. I'll sail these Defenders back to their island and see you next time around. Our adventures seem to be getting better and better, [your Viking's name]!"

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