Archaeologist icon

Archaeologist: "The tablet you found in the Ice Caves is strange. It's not part off the petroglyph, but the carving are in a similar style. Take a look at it in your inventory."

1- Open your backpack and click/tap on the tablet

Archaeologist icon

Archaeologist: "What do you think it could be? Have you seen this cliff and these birds anywhere on the island?

Fly around and find the location shown on this tablet. It might lead to some answers."

2- Go to the place depicted on the tablet on Icestorm Island

Archaeologist icon

Archaeologist: "Of course! The birds on the tablet are puffins, and this is the cliff depicted on the tablet. This must be the spot!

Archaeologists are wary of where they dig. We can't just dig wherever we want! Ask that fellow that lives in that hut if we can dig near his house. We don't want to be rude."

3- Talk to Mildew

Mildew icon

Mildew: "Ah, it's you and your pet lizard again. What do you want from me this time?

You want to dig near my hut? Bah! I'll have nothing to do with your shenanigans... unless you can do me another favor.

My sheep, Fungus, is homesick for Berk. He misses the weather, of course, but he misses the berries the most. Bring back some wild berries from Berk and then we'll talk."

4- Find 3 elderberries in Berk

Mildew icon

Mildew: "That will do, I suppose.

Hurry back and give me the berries. I hate to see Fungus down in the dumps!"

5- Deliver the berries to Mildew

Mildew icon

Mildew: "Good. This will make his day.

Dig all you want, dragon-trainer. I keep my word... even if I don't like to. Click/Tap on that dirt mound over there to start digging."

6- Dig for treasure near Mildew's hut

Mildew icon

Mildew: "What is that? I didn't know there was a treasure buried on this island!
Well, you got what you came for. Get off my property and scuttle back to your camp! I have things to do today..."

! icon

!: "This might be what the Archaeologist was looking for! He would be overjoyed to have it."

7- Give the petroglyph piece to the Archaeologist

Archaeologist icon

Archaeologist: "My goodness! This looks like it might be a good fit for my petroglyph.

Take a look gor yourself. Go over to my table and ckick/tap on my petroglyph!"

8- Click/Tap on the petroglyph on the table

Archaeologist icon

Archaeologist: "It looks like the ancient Vikings who came to this island lived in peace with the dragons. That's fantastic!
This is an amazing discovery, [Your Viking's Name]! We are one step closer to solving the mystery behind the petroglyph."

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