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Headmaster: "Are you ready for your next lesson, [your viking name]? You'll learn how to live out in the wild with just you and your dragon, or as I like to call it, "lesson: no toiler paper!".

The first step is to go find Gobber in the Wilderness. There's a hidden pathway here at the school. Good luck!"

(you recieve another axe but, it's the same as the one you recieved in The New Student)

1 - Meet Gobber in the Wilderness

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Gobber: "Welcome to the Wilderness! It's time to test your survival skills. I hope you're ready for a challenge.

It's time to put your back into it! You can use your axe to cut down smaller trees and turn them into logs. You'll need six logs to make your hut."

2 - Get 6 logs from the small trees

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Gobber: "Now go find five stones in the area and bring them to me. They need to be in a specific size and shape! You'll use them for your shelter."

3 - Find 5 stones in the Wilderness

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Gobber: "Took your time on that one! Well done, though.

To survive in the wild, you need to find a source of water and food. There's a good fishing spot not far from here that will give you both. Mulch is already there. Get over there!"

4 - Find the Fishing Spot

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Gobber: "You found it!

I love eating fresh fish. Catch one brown trout for dinner!"

5 - Catch one brown trout at the fishing spot

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Gobber: "My stomach's already rumbling!

You're going to need to be as sharp as a sword to survive in the wilderness. This next lesson will test your eyesight.

Rune Stones are our key to the past and our ancestors wrote on them to keep a record. There're hidden all around this area. Find one."

(there's more than one Rune Stone but all you need is just one)

6 - Find a Rune Stone

Gobber icon

Gobber: "Oklay! Great job, Viking! Come back to me and give me the things you've collected. I'll be able to set up a nice little camp here with the woods and the stones. And, I'm looking forward to eating smoked trout!"

7 - Return to Gobber and give him the items

Gobber icon

Gobber: "Good job!

[your active dragon name] is ready to help out, I bet! Dragons are pretty good at lighting fires. Click on the fire pit and get him to start a campfire. You might need to get closer so your baby dragon can breathe fire!"

8 - Light the fire pit by Gobber in camp

Gobber icon

Gobber: "Even small dragons like yours can make a beautiful flame! Well done!

Excellent job, lassie. Please come back to me!"

9 - Talk to Gobber in camp

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Gobber: "You've breezed through this lesson with flying colors, [your viking name]. You're on your way to become the ultimate dragon trainer!"