Whispering Death's Cave is a non-member location added in 29 of August, 2013 in an unkown update, along with the quest Explore the Dark Depths.

Whispering Death's Cave is located in the Isle of Berk, on the right side of The Great Hall, and, it's unlocked with the mission Explore the Dark Depths. The player will spawn in a corner with a large hole above along with a rope descending from it.

Wdc entr

The Entrance/Exit to the Caves

The Cave is filled with massive amounts of tunnels, in the center, there's an Underground Fishing Spot. If the player goes to the right tunnel, it will lead to a small green underground waterfall that serves as an orientation point (it's also located on the opposite side of the Starting Point).

Wdc greenspot

The Green Underground Waterfall

There's also 2 large tunnels on the ceiling:

  • The first one is when you just walk straight from the starting point until you reach the small columns "windows". You will know that you're there if the Whispering Death flies towards it and comes back from it.
  • The second one is when you're at the Fishing Spot, go to the left side then right tunnel. There's another way to go there and is when you're below the first ceiling tunnel, head back left (near the tunnel that takes you to the starting point) and you should find it.

Both two are blocked by an invisible wall.

Wdc hole

The first ceiling tunnel

Wdc hole 2

The second ceiling tunnel

You will also see a Whispering Death flying in a certain pattern, you cannot interact with it nor shoot it, but, it won't also harm you, it's just there wandering around in a pattern loop.

Wdc 5

The Whispering Death that wanders around

Ways to AccessEdit

The only way to access it is by traveling to the Isle of Berk and fly towards the hole (only after you unlock the mission).

Dragons that live hereEdit

  • Whispering Death

Fishing SpotEdit

There's a freshwater lake in the middle of the location. This is where you can fish for Underground Fishes (Blindfish and Ozark Cavefish).

Wdc fishsspot

The Underground Lake


<imap map-id="22745"></imap>


  • There used to be a Map of this caves which would help the players guide themselves through it, unfortunately, after an unknown update, the map is now gone and its replaced with the World Map.


Glitches man

Player falling into nothing

  • In the v.2.3.0, if you entered the Caves after a long period of time of not entering it, the game will fail to load the world map and, make the player infinitely fall into nothing. However, if the player teleports back to Berk and reenters the hole, it will load the world map correctly.

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