Mildew icon

Mildew: "Those demons! What did your dragons do to my precious Fungus? I can't find him anywhere! If Fungus isn't returned to me soon, I'll take it up with all of Berk. I demand that you find him at once!"

1- Search for Fungus or a clue to his location

Icestorm wool

Fungus' wool

Mildew icon

Mildew: "That's Fungus's wool! I would recognize it anywhere.

Keep looking for clues. Hurry! His little hooves are probably frozen by now."

2- Find another clue to Fungus's whereabouts (sic)

Mildew icon

Mildew: "More wool. My Fungus must be close by.

Look around for him. He can't be far from here!"

3- Look for another clue

! icon

!: "Fungus seems safe and calm. He must have wandered off while grazing."

Mildew icon

Mildew: "Those terrible dragons must have chased him into the woods. He's probably in shock. Bring him home quickly!"

4- Click on Fungus and lead him to Mildew

Mildew icon

Mildew: "Don't worry Fungus. I won't let those demons scare you off again.

Why are you still here, dragon trainer? Go on, take your horrible pet elsewhere!"