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Snotlout: "As you know, it takes a lot to fool me but Harald managed to do it. It got me to thinking about the Archaeologist. What do we know about that Viking, really? Heck, he won't even live on Dragon's Edge!

I bet the Archaeologist is in cahoots with Harald. There's no way that Harald could have beaten me without some expert help! I know I'm right, but we'll need some extra help to reveal the sneak. Let's recruit Fishlegs into our scheme to reveal the Archaeologist's betrayal."

1- Talk to Fishlegs about the Archaeologist

Fishlegs icon

Fishlegs: "I don't know what to think, [your Viking's name]. I'm sure a friend like the Archaeologist wouldn't betray us. But then again, I thought that harald could never do such a thing. He was always so interested in hearing my cool theories on dragon evolution!

Maybe we can put this thought to rest by checking up on Mudraker Island. Click on the telescope and look through it at the island! "

2- Use the telescope

[animation of Harald leaving the island]

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Fishlegs: "You saw Harald on the island? But I don't understand. Why would he be there?"

[the following dialogue presents this note on a side

Editor's note: These thrilling adventures took place in Call of the Death Song!]

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Fishlegs: "I can't believe that the Archaeologist is a part of a scheme to fool us. He's been a good frienf to us, even through difficult times with the Death Song. I don't want to believe it, but if we can see it with our own eyes...

No, there must be something else going on here, [your Viking's name]. We need to go and check it out. I'll let Hiccup and Astrid know that Harald has been spotted. Could you go to Mudraker Island and get an update on the situation there?

Umm, be careful!"

3- Go to Mudraker Island

! icon

!: "Harald's ship is nowhere to be found. Perhaps there was something else happening here.

You should check the waters around the island for clues to where he might have gone. Perhaps he is using the sea stacks to hide while he waits for you to leave the island? "

4- Look for Harald's ship by the sea stacks

! icon

!: "There's no sign of Harald or his ship. He must be long gone by now.

Perhaps the Archaeologist is still in the area. You should go to his camp and look for him there. "

5- Look for the Archaeologist

Archaeologist icon

Archaeologist: "[Your Viking's name]! Thank Odin you're here. Dragon's Edge is in danger! Harald Forkbeard the dreaded pirate has set his sights on these seas. He took all the Viking artifacts I'd excavated and left me in this cage. We need to act right now!"