Underwater Sections are a new mechanism that were added in The Secret of Leviathan expansion. There are two Underwater Sections, one consisting in diving into The Ship Graveyard's Ocean and, the other between the Impossible Island's Eruptodon Temple to the Dragon Bloom Room.

This is the first time where underwater sections are implemented into the game.

The Ship Graveyard Underwater SectionEdit

The first underwater section is unlocked with the mission Key Finders, where the player has to look for the "Dragon's Jaw" shipwreck, use the Diving Bell and search for the key to the Eruptodon Temple.

The Diving Bell is based on the Diving Bell from the Race to the Edge Season 6, where Hiccup uses it to free a Submaripper.

The Underwater Section is located to the right side of the Spawning Point, Johann's ship will be there with the Diving Bell. In order to go underwater, the player has to click the Bell, which will trigger an animation of the Bell diving.

Uwater 1 6

The Bell diving


When underwater, the controls are somewhat similiar to a Dragon's Flight, however, more slippery and slightly tankish.

Uwater 1 3

The Player swimming underwater

  • WASD/Arrow Keys/Camera: Movement
  • Left Shift: Break
  • Scape Bar: Accelerate

Just like a Dragon's Flight, you have to hold the Space Bar to continuously accelerate and hold the Left Shift to fully break. However, because it's slippery and, with the removal of the diagonal movement (becoming tankish), it can be hard to control the viking in underwater.

Oxygen MechanismEdit

The moment the player enters, one notices a bar in the middle of the screen: The Oxygen Meter

Oxygen meter

The Oxygen Meter serves as a way to balance the time the player can stay in the water. The Meter goes down as soon as the player starts playing and goes down pretty quickly; if it reaches around 1/4 of the bar, it will blink red. The only way to regain oxygen is by going to the bell.

Uwater 1 5

The Oxygen Meter blinking

If the player ignores the meter and the meter runs out, it will rapidly drain your Health until it reaches 0HP. If it reaches 0HP, you'll be immediately teleported inside the Bell.

Uwater 1 4

The Health rapidly draining

When nearby the bell, the Go to bell button t buttom appears and triggers an animation of the viking emerging inside the bell. Inside the bell, your Oxygen Meter will restore rapidly (if health was drained, the Health will recorver rapidly too) however, you can leave and re-enter the bell at anytime. When ready to go back into the water, press the Go to the water t buttom to submerge back into the water (also triggering an animation); keep in mind that neither the Oxygen Meter nor the Health Bar restore while in the water.

The animation is always triggered everytme the said buttoms are pressed.

Clicking the rope brings the player out of the underwater section.

Eruptodon Temple's Underwater SectionEdit

Uwater 2

The Entrace to the Underwater Section

In the middle of the The Labyrinth mission, you'll find a flooded exit and, the only way to continue is by building a breathing apparatus and enter the flooded exit. This time around, with the Krayfin pumping the air, you don't need to worry about the Oxygen.

Uwater 2 2

The first view of the Underwater Section

Strangely enough, the player can go back to this Underwater Section and, even without the Krayfin, you still don't need to worry about the oxygen.

Outside of the Underwater Section, the player can wear the Dive Helmet (whom won't show the hose); however, the cloth mask you recieve in Return to Dragon Island, for unknown reasons, it goes through the helmet.


The controls are the same as walking around with the viking, however, you can't jump while underwater and, you walk quite slow due being underwater.


The location itself is a large, underwater cave with numerous replics and broken statues. The player can only walk on the path, any attempts that walking to the walls will be blocked with an invisible wall. In one of the dead endds with broken statues, you'll find the key for the door.


  • It's possible (and quite easy to do) to make the hose spazz out.
T2 temple 31

The Hose spazzing out

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