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Fishlegs: "Bad news, bad news! I was minding my own business and reading a book to Meatlug when Snotlout came to tease and bother me. I'm used to such boorish behavior from Snotlout, but he sneezed all over me - twice! I know that he and his father have been sick all week, and now I'm worried that I'll catch his fever. Will you talk to Heather and see what I could do to avoid catching the illness?"

1- Talk to Heather at the Lab

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Heather: "Fishlegs is concerned about falling sick? There are a few things he could do to help himself.

Our bodies have something called an immune system to help defend us against sickness. There are tiny invaders known as pathogens that are all around us. They are bacteria and viruses that could possibly get us sick. Our saliva, skin, and tears help protect us from most of the pathogens.

White blood cells within our blood will fight off anything that gets past the first line of defense. Talk to the Botanist - I'm sure she'll have good ideas on how to help Fishlegs stay healthy!"

2- Talk to the Botanist at the Lookout

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Phlegma: "One of the best ways to stay healthy is to eat a balanced diet and get plenty of rest. Here - I've written down a plan for Fishlegs to follow. If he eats what is on this paper, he will be able to get the vitamins he needs to keep him healthy!

Fishlegs could wash his hands with soap and water, too - I've seen him with filthy hands after he comes back from one of his dragon riding sessions! Finally, he needs to get some more exercise. If he gets his body moving, it will be stronger against illness!

Return to Fishlegs with this advice. He need to listen to me if he wants to avoid getting sick."

3- Return to Fishlegs with the advice

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Fishlegs: "Thanks for your help, [Your Viking's Name]. While you were gone, I was reading in some of my books about how my body can help me avoid getting sick. These white blood cells create antibodies in my body that bind to pathogens to get rid of them! I guess my body can help me remain healthy, so I should take care of it!

Phlegma is right about me needing to exercise, but to make it more fun, I'm going to being along my girl Meatlug too! Will you join me? Let's go into Fireball Frenzy and have a blast shooting targets."

4- Play Fireball Frenzy

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Fishlegs: "That felt great! I'll listen to this advice and hopefully I won't get sick. I remember what happened the last time Eel Pox swept through the village. Maybe we'll be luckier this time!"