The Training Grounds is a Non-Member Location added in an unknown Update. It replaces The Commons from The School and all the mini-games (except for Alchemy Adventure) are now located there.

Old Description:

"No longer a part of the game, the Commons were an area where Vikings could gather and hang out, share stories, and other similar social activities. Before being removed, the Commons were located very close to Thunder Run Racing and Flight Club while also not being too far away from the Fireball Frenzy."
School commons

Player at the school commons

The Training Grounds is similiar to The Lookout, but more wider, open and close to the sea. It had various updates, from not having a Waterfall to having a Waterfall and various tiny wooden bridges. Unlike The Lookout, it has a large Beach, Craked Ice on the corners of the map, various mountains up above (including a small lake) and, some catapults around the location.

Tg 1

View of (almost) all the Mini-games' locations, along with the Teleporter to The School behind

Due the Training Grounds being the main place where Battle Events happen, there's 2 Healing/Respawning Spots and an Aiming Pratice on the left corner. Battles Events happen every 1.5 to 3 Hours.

As for update v2.0.0, Eret in now present, along with his Boat that takes you to Auction Island.

Tg 6

All 2 Healing/Respawn points

Flight Club is located above Bull's-Eye Lagoon, Fireball Frenzy is located on the opposite side of Bull's-Eye Lagoon, Thunder Run Racing is located in the center and, far away from the rest.

Unlike the rest of the Mini-Games, Bull's-Eye Lagoon is closed since an unknown update.

Ways to AccessEdit


  • Hiccup and Toothless
  • Tuffnut
  • Shotloud
  • Astrid
  • Eret
  • Speedifist

Fishing SpotsEdit

There's 2 Saltwater spots:

  • One is nearby and behind Eret's Boat;
  • The other is on the left side, nearby a beach.


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