Wolves Wild boars have been stealing spooking sheep near the school, and it must be stopped.

Mulch icon

Mulch: "Oh my, [your Viking's name], you have to help me! Wild boars have been coming near the school and spooking the sheep. We can't afford to scare any more of them, especially because so many are already being used for Dragon Racing. The sheep are so shaky that they barely grow any wool. Have a word with Gobber and he'll tell you what we could do."

1- Meet Gobber in Berk

Gobber icon

Gobber: "Hey lad! The wild boars are usually in the Wilderness. I don't know why they would be coming here. We need to see what they normally eat.

I know! Go talk to Snotlout at the school. He spent some time learning more about wild boars. The boy has some kind of strange bond with all kinds of pigs. I'm sure he'd be willing to help."

2- Meet Snotlout at school

Snotlout icon

Snotlout: "Wild boars are born wild! I was born a "do", not "think" warrior, so I can relate. Wild boars eat almost anything from roots to earthworms. I've even see them snatching a snake or two! I'm busy figuring out how to beat Hiccup at Thunder Run Racing. I guess Phlegma can figure out how to get the wild boars out of the school. You can go talk to her."

3- Meet Phlegma at the Lookout

Phlegma icon

Phlegma: "I'm glade you came to help out. We need to act quickly before this gets out of hand!

Wild boars will follow the food and are omnivores, which means they'll eat anything. Now that we have been grazing our sheep and fishing ourselves for our dragons, their food supply is down. They must be looking for something to eat in other areas. When an environment changes, some animals adapt, some move to new locations and some die. We need to get the wild boars back to the Wilderness. Bring me 3 brown trout, 3 salmon and 5 perch! You'll be able to find salmon easier in the Wilderness. Try fishing near the waterfall!"

4- Deliver the fish to Phlegma

Phlegma icon

Phlegma: "Perfect. I can use these to lure the wild boars back to the Wilderness and show them that there are plenty of roots, insects and all kind of food available to them. Next time, I hope they will adapt instead of moving closer to our village."

Note: It seems that originally this quest was about wolves attacking the sheep. At an unknown moment, it was changed to wild boars. This explains the non-coincidence between title and story.

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