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Hiccup: "Toothless is my best friend; the very first time I looked at him, I saw myself. I knew it would be jut me and him forever. That's the bond you and your dragon need to make. You should trust [Your Dragon's Name] as much as you do yourself.

How about some bonding exercises? Ride [Your Dragon's Name] and collect the scented flowers around the school. Dragons love the smell!"

1- Work with your dragon to collect 12 flowers (0/15) (yes, they ask for 12 but they're actually 15)

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Hiccup: "That was amazing ans some great team work!

Now it's time to reward your dragon by player. To play, tap on [Your Dragon's Name]."

2- Play with your dragon

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Hiccup: "Now that's one happy dragon!
Now it's time to set things on fire! Go play Fireball Frenzy to let your dragon blow off a little steam!"

3- Play Fireball Frenzy

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Hiccup: "Pretty good score, [Your Viking's name]. That was some pretty impressive shooting!

We don't want those scented flowers to go to waste. Phlegma uses them to soothe upset dragons. Take these to her so she can help other dragons!"

4- Deliver flowers to the Botanist

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Phlegma: "Thank you for bringing me these flowers. We'll have some very delighted dragons!"

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