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Mala: "This labyrinth is even better than I could have hoped. I hope all of its legends are true; my grandmother told me stories that our greatest treasures hide within. We shall see when we go deeper. Please take a close look at the lock box."

1- Take a closer look at the lockbox

Mala icon

Mala: "This is a classic Defender puzzle room. The lock box holds the stone in the center of the room. When you complete its challenge, the stone drops to the level below until it finally reaches the floor.

Click on the lock box and solve it. Let us see what this room has in store for us."

2- Click on the first lock box and complete the challenge


The first puzzle

Mala icon

Mala: "Excellent!"

Phlegma icon

Phlegma: "We're not out of it yet. Drop down another level and click on the next challenge."

3- Click on the next challenge and solve it


The second puzzle

Phlegma icon

Phlegma: "We're close to hitting that trigger. We've almost got it!"

Archaeologist icon

Archaeologist: "We're almost through, my friend. I believe that we will solve this puzzle if you click on the final challenge!"

4- Click on the final Lock Box


The third puzzle

Archaeologist icon

Archaeologist: "Fie on everything on this land that keeps giving me a fright! I still have no idea what that could be, but at least it didn't set off any traps.

Well, I think we must enter that device to see what there is to discover in the next chamber!"

5- Go to the next chamber

Mala icon

Mala: "Wait. My great-grandparents left behind scrolls that detailed the challenges within the labyrinth, but this trial was not recorded.

Someone, other than the Defenders must have made this trial. Who could come this far without our help? Could you take a closer look and figure out who might be responsible?"

6- Find clues to solve the memory challenge

Archaeologist icon

Archaeologist: "Fascinating! They're a bit strange, but I'm certain that this was created by someone from Berk.

Ruffnut and Tuffnut like these types of challenges in their mazes. It seems our ancestors also had a keen eye for these memory challenges, too. Find your way across, please!"

7- Find a way through and search the corridor


The memory challenge

! icon

!: "Mala would definitely want to see this. You should find a way back to Mala and the others."

8- Talk to Mala

Mala icon

Mala: "There you are! What did you find?

A treasure room sounds like the exact thing I was hoping to find! Click on me and lead on, adventurer!"

9- Click on Mala and lead her to the treasure room

Mala icon

Mala: "Heavens! This is the Winged Spear, an ancient symbol of our connection to the Eruptodon. I must return this - and the rest of these beautiful relics - back to their rightful place on our island.

Our journey together end for now, but this will not be the last time we work together. These trials tested our mettle and you proved worthy. I have no doubt you will find what you seek. "

Phlegma icon

Phlegma: "It was an honor, your majesty. Come on, lad/lassie. We need to follow that tunnel to the next room."

10- Proceed to the next chamber

Phlegma icon

Phlegma: "It's strange. Why would explorers from Berk create an additional trial in this building? It's as if they were trying to hide something inside... No matter. The enxt challenge awaits us."