NOTE: changing to a flying dragon can cause this quest to disappear from your quest board. Switch back to an immature dragon and it will reappear.

Tip: check that your dragon's happiness is high before gliding. An unhappy dragon is slower, and it also affects gliding.

Headmaster icon

Headmaster: "We have a situation developing [Your Viking's Name]. A Viking's trapped in the Wilderness in the cave called the Dragon's Maw! It's up to you to save him.

You'll need to glide across the Wilderness to the cave."

1- Go to the Wilderness

Headmaster icon

Headmaster: "You can't just run over there and get him. You'll need glide over there! But before you go, let me teach you a few things.

The highest point is the best place to glide with your dragon. Take the rock path to the left to get to a higher peak."

2- Get to the highest point

Headmaster icon

Headmaster: "Great! This has a pretty good view of the landing platform in the middle of the Wilderness.

Before you go, let's make sure you're mounted properly on [Your Dragon's Name]. We don't want you to fall off or hurt your dragon!

Tap on your dragon now and then tap the Mount Button. "

3- Mount your dragon

Headmaster icon

Headmaster: "Good positioning and grip! You've been cleared for launch.

See that signal on the landing circle across the Wilderness? That is your target. Press the jump button twice to get off the ground and glide across!"

4- Glide to the middle platform to the Signal

Headmaster icon

Headmaster: "I'm proud of you! That was a good glide.

There are two caves across from the landing circle. The Viking is trapped in the cave with the fallen tree and rocks blocking the entrance. Glide over there!

Once you land, tap on te Fire Button to destroy the rocks."

5- Glide over to the cave and blast the rocks

Gobber icon

Gobber: "Oh lad/lassie, may hero! You've saved me! That was some great gliding! Keep going! Once you reach Dragon Bond Level 10, you can start to fly on your dragon!

Okay, I'll come clean to you. This was just a test, and you passed with flying colors. Now you're ready for the next part of your training! Go back to the Headmaster."

6- Return to the Headmaster

Headmaster icon

Headmaster: "I knew you would be able to handle it. Good job. Now I can entrust you with some more things."

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