You and the Krayfin need to go on alone

! icon

!: "It looks like it will be just you and the baby Krayfin as you explore the ruins. You should venture forward into the room."

1- Enter the maze

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!: "Whoa! You should see if the tower will allow you to explore deeper in."

2- Jump on the platforms and explore the chambers

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!: "The statue looks like it might be moveable. You should push the statue onto the switch... maybe that will help you get to the next room."

3- Push the statue onto the switch and continue into the chamber

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!: "Wow! The Krayfin knew exactly how to help you get further through the maze. You're in this together..."

4- Get to the door

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!: "This area seems deadly, but you need to brave its dangers to open this door. It seems like the pieces to open the door may be scattered around the room..."

5- Find the missing species and get through the door

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!: "These strange mechanisms are barring the way. You need to solve them as you continue deeper into the tower."

6- Make your way to the fallen statue

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!: "The panels seem to open doors. You should look for a way to activate more panels at the same time to continue! "

7- Solve the puzzle contraption

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!: "You are so close! You need to continue into the labyrinth to find the answer to the Krayfin's urgent travels. "

8- Find an exit

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!: "The baby Krayfin wants to continue forward... but it's underwater! How deep does it go? Perhaps you can find a way to create a device to help you breathe underwater. After all, you have Hiccup's designs with you. You should find pieces that will help you create a breathing device! "

9- Look for a way to pump air

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!: "These bellows are able to pump air with each press. If the baby Krayfin can keep a steady flow going, you'll have air through your underwater journey... It's worth a shot. "

10- Look for a way to generate air

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!: "This hose could transport the air from the bellows to your head! "

11- Look for a container to hold air over your head

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!: "This is great! You should be able to fit this over your head and keep a steady flow of air coming into the dome.

This just might work!"

item: 1 Dive Helmet

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!: "It's the moment of the truth! You should get to the flooded corridor."

12- Go to the flooded entrance and click on the helmet

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!: "This breathing apparatus is working! This strange and beautiful area is amazing, but time is of the essence for the baby Krayfin. You should look for the exit to continue the search. "

13- look for the exit

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!: "It looks like the way out is barred. Is the key somewhere in this flooded area?"

14- Find the key

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!: "This might work! You should go back to the door and see if this will open the way."

15- Find the door to the key

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!: "You need to find the exit."

16- Find the exit

! icon

!: "... What is this place?

What could be around the corner?"

17- Explore the cavern

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