The Hatchery is the place in the School where you choose a dragon to hatch, raise, and bond with. Choose your dragon wisely though; you will not be able to change it later. You can also access your personal Stables through the Hatchery.

Inside the HatcheryEdit

Inside it, there's 3 entrances:

  • The left entrance that leads to your Stables;
  • The right entrance that leads to the other 3 dragons (that only Members can choose);
  • And the front entrance that leads to the Hatchery itself.

Entering the right entrance will lead to the Skrill, Thunderdrum and the Whispering Death. It will also have an entrance to the Hatchery itself and the entrance to go back to the main Riders' dragons.

Information about each DragonEdit

Clicking on each dragon will give you a small box with a little description on what kind of Partner they should have (however, it doesn't really matter because the whole "This dragon needs this kind of partner" isn't that big of a gameplay mechanic).

As for the 2.2.0, these infoboxes are gone.

  • Infobox of each dragon:
    • Gronckle:
      • The Gronckles barrels over anything in its way. This Affectionate dragon needs a partner with a big heart.
    • Hideous Zippleback:
      • The Hideous Zippleback uses both heads together. This wily dragon needs a partner that enjoys a challenge.
    • Monstrous Nightmare:
      • The Monstrous Nightmare is a master of flames. This powerful dragon needs a partner with an equal zest for life.
    • Deadly Nadder:
      • The Deadly Nadder loves to hunt. This smart dragon needs a partner with an itch for adventure.
    • Skrill:
      • The Skrill is an elusive Strike Class dragon. It is also one of the most powerful of dragons, being amoung the smartest and fastest dragons.
    • Thunderdrum:
      • The Thunderdrum uses its maw to create earthshattering screams. This mighty dragon needs a partner who wants excitement.
    • Whispering Death:
      • The Whispering Death is aggressive and unstoppable. This dangerous dragon needs a daring partner.

Walking down the stairs, you will find the Hatchery itself surrounded by the Starter dragons. If bought a second dragon, you will hatch it in your Stable, while this Hatchery will only be used to grow your dragon till Adult, then the dragon will grow in Titan Island.

As for 2.2.0 Update, the Hatchery itself will also have said Starter Dragons Egg their respective Starter Baby Dragons (some are flying, others are standing besides the eggs) and, the Riders as well as their dragons are replaced with a wide space, with two randomized non-starter baby dragons.


For more information on which dragons you can select as your partner, see this page.

Personality TestEdit

Click here to learn more about the personality test all new players get to take.

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