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Eret: "I trapped so many dragons for Drago's army in the past. I can't change the past, but maybe I can try to make sure it doesn't happen again. There are a lot of Vikings out there who don't know that we can live peacefully with dragons.
Can you have a chat with Hiccup and his dragon rider friends about their dragons? They can tell you what they think is best about each dragon."

1- Talk to Hiccup

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Hiccup: "Toothless is the only Night Fury out there. He is one of the smartest dragons I have ever met. He thinks he's smarter than me, I bet! The Night Fury also never misses with his plasma blast, and he uses them to protect his fellow dragons."

2- Talk to Ruffnut

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Ruffnut: "Dude, Barf and Belch rocks so much! Riding the Zippleback with my brother really taught us teamwork. We have to work together or the dragon doesn't go anywhere."

3- Talk to Tuffnut

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Tuffnut: "Barf and Belch can light gases on fire! A Deadly Nadder can't do that. Only Zipplebacks have that kind of power."

4- Talk to Astrid

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Astrid: "I've grown so close with my Stormfly. My Nadder follows my every order in an instant. She's really accurate with fireballs and spines!"

5- Talk to Snotlout

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Snotlout: "Hookfang is best at everything! To choose one, I say he's the best at making a scene. No one can look away when a Monstrous Nightmare lights itself on fire."

6- Talk to Fishlegs

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Fishlegs: "Meatlug is so considerate! She always knows what I'm thinking and she tries to make me feel better. What a sweet dragon!"

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Eret: "Cheers for the help, [Your Viking's Name]. Come back to me by the Training Grounds and tell me what Astrid thinks is best about her Deadly Nadder."

7- Talk to Eret at the Training Grounds

Nadder quiz

Quiz 1

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Eret: "That's very interesting. It sounds like the Deadly Nadder is an offensive specialist. I still remember Stormfly pinning me down like her favorite toy. In fact she still does it every now and again so I always need to keep on my guard.

What did Fishlegs have to say about his Gronckle Meatlug?"

8- Answer the Gronckle Quiz

Gronk quiz

Quiz 2

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Eret: "That lad always seemed very intelligent to me.

According to the twins, what special ability does the Hideous Zippleback have?"

9- Answer the Zippleback Quiz

Zipple quiz

Quiz 3

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Eret: "How about that other lad? The one with a bit of an ego - not that there's anything wrong with that. What special ability does the Monstrous Nightmare have, according to Snotlout?"

10- Answer the Nightmare Quiz

Nightmare quiz

Quiz 4

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Eret: "That's true. It's hard to look away when a Monstrous Nightmare lights itself on fire, especially when it lights your boat on fire, too. Now then, what did my mate Hiccup say about Toothless's strengths?"

11- Answer the Night Fury Quiz

Nfury quiz

Quiz 5

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Eret: "That's very interesting! Did I ever tell you about Skullcrusher? He's my Rumblehorn and an extremely powerful dragon. I'm starting to get used to having him by my side, always--my faithful friend.

You're a good one, [Your Viking's Name]. I'll be able to put what you told me to good use when I talk to other Vikings across the seas."