The Terrible Terror is a dragon that was previously non-playable and only made cameo appearances. As of October 20th, 2016 the Terrible Terror was made available to train.


"The Terrible Terror resembles a Common or Garden Dragon in appearance. It has an iguana-like body, two pairs of horns, one pair of wings, and a tail with a barbed tip. It comes in various colors, with green being the most common. Others are red, orange, blue, yellow and purple. Its physical attributes (such as the type of horn and spinal ridge) suggest that, despite the size difference, it is closely related to the Monstrous Nightmare. Its large yellow eyes and small size make it one of the most adorable species of dragons."

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Notable Terrible TerrorsEdit

  • Leopold is a purple and blue Terrible Terror owned by Harald Forkbeard, who treats him like a pet.


They made their first appearance in Alchemy Adventure in 2014 a part of one of that minigame's power-ups. A few months later, on 2/13/14, Terrible Terrors were added to Eel Roast as part of version 6.0. In 2015 they appeared again in Loki's Maze of Mayhem and reprised their appearance in Loki's Maze of Cheer later that same year. A Terrible Terror can also be seen in the Dream Stable as part of the decor.


  • They are currently the smallest dragon in the game;
    • Despite being the smallest, they are still ridable for unknown reason;
    • While the broadwing terrible terror is not rideable, the Titan terrible terror is due to its significantly larger size. This makes the first trainable dragon to be only ridable when Titan.

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