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Heather: "Hey, [Your Viking's Name]! I have a plan to get the sheep to take the medicine. Let's try making an herbal tea out of the plants. Go into the lab and we'll give it a go!"

1- Mix plants with hot water

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Heather: "Great job! The skullcap and lobelia plants help to relax the nervous system. The nervous system controls and coordinates the body's activities and helps you respond to changes in the environment. With this medicine, the sheep will be bleating and walking around in no time!

Take the tea back to Icestorm Island and give it to Mildew. His sheep should feel better in no time."

2- Give Mildew the tea in Icestorm Island

Mildew icon

Mildew: "What took you so long? Are you sure this tea will work?

Fine, I'll give you the treasure in exchange for the tea. Don't expect any more kindness from me! I put it with my things over there. Fetch it yourself."

3- Collect the petroglyph piece

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Mildew: "You got what you wanted. Now leave me in peace!"

! icon

!: "This looks like it would fit in the Archaeologist's petroglyph. He would appreciate this piece you received from Mildew."

4- Give the petroglyph piece to the Archaeologist

Archaeologist icon

Archaeologist: "My friend, this is amazing!

Click/Tap on the petroglyph on the table and look at it, [Your Viking's Name]."

5- Click/Tap on the petroglyph on the table

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Archaeologist: "We're getting closer and closer to solving this ancient mystery, my dear friend!"