The Stormcutter is a Sharp Class dragon released on November 7th, 2014. They can be purchased for 1,000 gems (800 for members) from the store.


From the How to Train Your Dragon Wiki:

"Thanks to the unique body structures and heavy build, the Stormcutter is indeed a very sharp, formidable hunter and fighter. As their 'X-wing' beats up and down in sync and are probably used for extremely tight turns and maneuvers and for fighting foes. This body structure allows them to demonstrate accurate flight techniques such as navigating through narrow and complicated spaces, or hovering and even rest in mid-air. Having four wings allows for exceptional maneuverability. When they even walk they use their lower wings as forelegs while holding their upper wings against their sides.
"They have the unique ability to rotate their heads about 180 degrees. By doing so, there is no way to hide from a Stormcutter. Stormcutters can shoot a sustained torus of fire which creates a tornado-shaped fire. They also have fore-talons on their wings that are hooked and can be used to pick dragon trap locks or destroy an entire war machine. Their sharp talons are helpful to climb on mountains even upside down."

For more information on the Stormcutter, visit here.


  • Due the lack of side-gliding, the Stormcutter will either freeze or freeze with the last pose you did, instead of normally gliding when turning;
    • Firing while side-gliding will result in spazing out;
    • This also happens in the Titan Stage.
Glitchy bro

What happens if you fire while "side-gliding"

  • Whiel sleeping, the lower jaw clips through the upper jaw.
Scutter sleep 3

The lower jaw clipping through the upper jaw


  • 6/11/2015: The Stormcutter recieved a new animation;
  • 5/8/2016: The Stormcutter recieved a Titan Stage.

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