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Currently, the Store is the only place to buy items in School of Dragons. Here, players can buy fishing supplies, farm supplies, clothing, dragon eggs, and more.

The store has kiosks located at the School and on Berk

Store button


The Store kiosk at Berk

It can also be accessed at any time from nearly anywhere in the game by clicking the shopping cart button in the top-right corner of the screen.

To see all the sub-categories of the store, go to here.


  • Unknown data and version: The store used to have a button that said "Invite a Friend."
  • 19/7/13, version 1.02: Store buttons made easier to click.
  • 25/7/13, version 1.03: Johann’s Trading Post added to Berk and the School.
  • 27/9/13, version 4.2: All store categories combined.
  • Throughout 2016-7, the store was reorganized and recategorized.
  • 21/12/17, v2.10.0: Refurbished store; -wip-



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