Stables provide housing for a player's dragons and serve as a hub for access Stable Missions. In order to make a dragon your active dragon, you must first assign it a nest in your stables.

Despite now being such a normal part of gameplay, Stables did not exist when School of Dragons first launched. At that time, players could only have one dragon, selecting from the four species that now serve as those that members and non-members alike can choose as their first dragon. Stables were expanded in 6th of June, 2014 as a part of v7.1.

Accessing the StablesEdit

Players can reach their stables in one of four ways.

  1. Through the Hatchery: Located on the left-hand side of the front Hatchery room, this is the route that the game guides players through. If you enter the stables this way, you will return here both when exiting through the starter stable's exit and upon restarting the game, if you restart while inside on of your stables.
  2. From the School Grounds: If a player walks past Hiccup and off the edge located behind him, them will drop down onto another, small ledge. From there they are capable of dropping down again, this time onto a stone carving of a dragon's head. Players can enter the dragon's mouth to reach the Stables. This entrance can also be reached by flying. If you enter the stables this way, you will return here both when exiting through the starter stable's exit and upon restarting the game, if you restart while inside one of your stables.
  3. From Berk: If you enter the stables this way, you will return here both when exiting through the starter stable's exit and upon restarting the game, if you restart while inside one of your stables.
  4. Fast travel: Players can travel to their stables through two additional fast-travel methods. These options are currently the only way to access any stable besides the starter stable without first having to pass through the starter stable itself. If you enter the stables this way, where you return upon leaving the area depends on how you leave. If you use the starter stable's exit, you will return to the School regardless of where you teleported from. If you restart while inside one of your stables, you will return to the area you teleported from unless you teleported from your farm, in which case you will appear at the entrance to the Lookout.
    1. Select dragon: Located in the upper-left-hand side of the screen, players can click on the image of their active dragon to open a list displaying all of their dragons. Clicking on any dragon on the list will open that dragon's overview information and will present the players with a 'visit stable' button. Clicking that button will take a player to the stable that dragon has its nest in. This method does not work if you are currently flying, since the select dragon panel does not open during flight.
    2. Player profile: Each player's profile contains a list of all their dragons, each of which can be clicked on to open that dragon's overview information. When doing this on your own profile, each overview will also present one button for making that dragon your active dragon and another for "OpenStableQuest". That second button will take you directly to the stable in which your dragon has a nest. The fastest way to access your profile is through a button in the upper-left-hand side of the screen, the one that shows an image of your Viking's head, but this can not be done while flying on a dragon. The slower way is to open the Adventurer's Journal in the upper-right-hand of the screen and then access its profile tab, which can be done even when flying.


There are currently seven different stables options that use six different themes. Despite the fact that four of those themes correspond to the different classes of dragons, any dragon can be put into any type of stable. The differences between stables are almost purely visual and auditory, with each stable having its own appearances and sound track. The only exceptions to this rule are the Dream Stable, which has five nests instead of four, and the Mystery Stable. For more information on the difference between the Mystery Stable and the other stable options, see its sub-section below.

Starter StableEdit

This stable serves as a player's primary access into their stables. Received for free at the start of the game, the starter stable has contains only two nests. Using the exit in any other type of stable will cause a player to return to the entrance of their starter stable.

While one of theses nests is likely to provide your starter dragon's first home, member's will also need to place Toothless in a nest. Even once membership ends and a player can no longer use him (unless membership was purchased before 10/16/14), Toothless still takes up a nest.

When viewed in the 'My Stables' panel, the starter stable is shown with a Strike class symbol.

The starter stable is the only stable that a player can use to hatch dragon eggs, with the exception of the egg of their first dragon.


Designed with Boulder class dragons in mind, this stable sports four nests. Appearing to be formed in the side of a cliff overlooking the ocean on one side and a sort of cove on another, this stable include a bridge leading out the latter area. Somewhat reminiscent of the bridge on Credits Island, it is unknown if this bridge will ever lead anywhere.

Despite having Boulder class dragons as a theme, only one of the nests sports a facade featuring a dragon from the Boulder class--the Gronckle. One stable has no dragons in its facade and of the other two, one pays tribute to the Deadly Nadder and the other to the Hideous Zippleback.

Members receive a free Boulder Stable as part of their purchase.

UDT Boulder StableEdit

Identical to the Boulder stable described above, the UDT Boulder Stable can be purchased for coins once a player has earned a certain minimum amount of UDT points. Unlike UDT eggs, each Viking can only purchase a UDT Boulder Stable once. After it has been purchased, the UDT Boulder Stable disappears from the Trading Post's stables tab.


Themed for Stoker class dragons, this stable appears have been built inside of a magma chamber. A circular metal grate hands suspended by metal chains over the pool below while a small flow of magma decorates the rock wall opposite the stable's entrance. The four nests themselves are square metal plates raised just slightly above the surface of smaller magma pools. This stable has four nests, none of which the player can enter as they can in the Starter, Boulder, Mystery, or Dream Stables.

While this stable has as Stoker class symbol on the central grate and two 'Two Faced Viking' (sic) statues that serve as part of the bridge supports, none of the nests have any sort of dragon motif.


A long wooden bridge flanked by waterfalls leads down to a rough rocky path and pooled water. Rather than featuring the open ocean or even a lake, the Tidal stable is a cavern, enclosed except for a small open in the cave's ceiling. The four nests are pools of water and, like the nests found in the Stoker stable, players are unable to enter the nests themselves. Unlike the Stoker stable, however, dragons in this stable nest directly in the water, rather than on a structure above the surface. It is possible to enter one of the nest with a glitch that allows you to fly outside the stable.

While one nest lacks a facade of any sort, the other three appear to offer generic dragon-themed arches, rather than featuring any specific of dragon from the franchise.


In this stable, a long wooden bridge located in and underground cavern leads to a mass of Death Song amber that ended up shaped such that the four largest hollows formed from the amber could be turned into dragon nests. Of all the stables, this one has the largest explore-able area. Players are able to climb on the amber above, below, and around the nests. Players are also able to jump off the sides of the wooden bridge, an action that isn't allowed in any of the other stables that have bridges. Jumping off the bridge will cause the player to be teleported back to the entrance of the stable.

As with the Stoker stable, all of the nests lack distinguishing decorations beyond being made out of Death Song amber.

When viewed in the 'My Stables' panel, the Mystery stable is shown with a generic dragon symbol, rather than the Mystery class symbol.

The Treasure of the Amber StablesEdit

On February 7th, 2016, multiple players discovered a hidden treasure chest inside the Mystery Stable. Located in a secret cavern beneath the stables themselves, the treasure chest was large, green, and if a way to open them was discovered, the method to do so was never shared.

On February 11th, School of Dragon's forum Admin Brynjolf made an official post announcing the existence of the hidden treasure chests. An update coinciding with this announcement allowed players to open the hidden chests, as well as adding in a dialogue box from Hiccup congratulating players on finding the treasure.

The treasure chest, containing 300 gems, is free to open, though reaching it requires the ownership of a Mystery Stable. While the chest appears in each individual Mystery Stable, each Viking is only able to open the treasure chest in one Mystery Stable. Once the first one has been opened, the treasure chests in all other Mystery Stables that Viking has or will have become unopenable.

If players have multiple Vikings on the same account, each Viking is able to open one chest, as opposed to each player account only being able to receive the 300 gem prize once.

Since Mystery Stables cost 300 gems, this feature effectively allows players to receive one 'free' Mystery Stable. However, School of Dragons traditionally runs sales for certain holidays, some of which include sales on stables. It remains to be seen if a Mystery Stable bought on sale still awards 300 gems. Additionally, members, who can purchase a Mystery Stable for 240 gems, also receive a 300 gem prize award, despite being able to purchase the Stable at a different price.

Finding the TreasureEdit
  1. Take the right-hand opening between the two middle stables--located opposite the stable's entrance--and walk along the piece of amber that connects from there to the far wall of the cavern.
  2. Upon reaching the cavern wall, turn to the left and jump off over the side. If done correctly, you should land either on a lower part of the far cavern wall or directly atop another amber 'support beam'. If you did not land on this second spar of amber, walk over to it. There may be a few protrusions on the wall that you'll need to jump over to get there.
  3. Follow this second piece of amber back towards the center of the room. As you get close to the underside of the stables, you'll see either a lighter area or the hidden cavern itself, depending on your camera angle.
  4. Jump off the ledge of amber your currently on, angling for the hidden cavern. This may take a few tries.
    1. If you're having a lot of trouble getting into the hidden cavern, try using a glitch to fly inside the stables. Follow steps one to three before flying to avoid the risk of getting stuck inside any of the amber and needing to either teleport out of the stables or restart the game in order to free yourself and your dragon.

Once you've found and opened the treasure, you can return to the stables proper by simply walking out of the hidden cavern and allowing yourself to fall downwards in order to be teleported back the stable's entrance. If you used a glitch to allow yourself to ride and fly a dragon inside the stable, you can also attempt to fly back upwards but are at risk of getting stuck inside the amber and needing to teleport out or restart the game in order to be able to move again.

Mble chest way

From step 2 to 3, the respective locations to reach the Hidden Chest (the cursor points where you have to go)(click on the image and then, full view to see the image better)

Mble chest

The Hidden Chest


In a departure from the other stables, this stable boasts five nests and is themed around Dreamworks' movies. The nests are decorated with facades inspired by the following movies:

  1. Madagascar
  2. The Croods
  3. Shrek
  4. Unknown, possibly The Road to El Dorado
  5. Kung Fu Panda

Above a fire pit in the center of the stable, a Terrible Terror sits a metal sickle moon statue that hands down from the center of an open-air wooden structure resembling the Dreamworks logo. Strangely enough, both the moon and the Terrible Terror aren't solid.

When viewed in the 'My Stables' panel, the Dream stable is shown with a generic dragon symbol, rather than one for any specific class.


A Dreadfall themed stable, hence the name, the Dreadfall stable centers around the Flightmare. You will even see a Titan Flightmare fly by if you stick around long enough. Like the Mystery stable, the Dreadfall stable has a lot of explorable areas. Falling of the stable will cause the player to be teleported back to the entrance of the stable. Released on September 26th, 2017, the stable provides 4 slots and can be bought for 500 Gems icon trans.

Cavernous StablesEdit

The Cavernous Stables are an item bundle pack containing a Boulder Stable, a Stoker Stable, and a Tidal Stable. Since this bundle costs 900 gems and its included stables costs 300 gems each, the Cavernous Stables item bundle is simple a way to purchase one of each of the original core stables with fewer clicks.


Disappearing dragonsEdit

This common glitch causes all of a Viking's dragons to be removed from their nest. Prone to causing panic and false reports of being hacked, this glitch can be fixed by reassigning your dragon(s) to a nest. When placing dragons in nests, they do not have to be placed back in the nest they were in before the glitch occurred.

Multiple GronciclesEdit

A glitch specific to the Groncicle received for completing a certain quest in the Icestorm Island expansion pack, this Groncicle may duplicate itself, with each duplicate assigning itself to a nest if a Viking has any stables with unused nests. To get rid of the duplicates, use the 'Move In' option to assign a different dragon to the nest being occupied by a glitched Groncicle. Glitch-spawned Groncicles removed this way are removed completely but the original Icestorm Island Groncicle and any other non-glitch Groncicles a player may own will not be deleted if they are accidentally removed from their nest in this way. If you remove a non-glitch Groncicle, simply use the 'Move In' option again to place them in any nest.

Viking unable to move/Disappearing GUIEdit

A relatively recent glitch, many users find that completing Stable Missions causes all the buttons and info displays on the screen to disappear as well as the loss of the ability to move their Viking. The only currently known solution is to refresh the game. If you are still able to move, then going to the entrance of the stable will fix it.

Flying inside the stablesEdit

The easiest way to fly inside of a stable is to follow these steps:

  1. Mount an adult dragon.
  2. Still mounted on the adult dragon, enter your Farm or your Hideout.
  3. Use either of the fast-travel methods to go from your Farm to one of your stables.

When using the above method, players will be unable to dismount their dragon. Switching dragons or opening up certain panels, in particular the Stable Quest panel, will cause a player's dragon to teleport to the stable's active dragon platform (or, if the active dragon has a nest in the stable the player is currently in, they'll return to their nest) sans rider. In the starter stable, an egg that changes from incubating to ready-to-hatch can also cause a dragon to return to its proper place.

Endless fallingEdit

Since the stables are not deigned to allow players to fly in them, it is possible to end up outside the walls of a stable. In most cases this simple leads to an empty area that can be left by flying through a wall back into the stable proper. However in some cases, a player may fall through a hole in the stable and end up stuck in an empty sky room from which they can not return to the stable they had previously been in. Players can return to the game world by using the 'exit game; in the options panel or by refreshing the game entirely.

This glitch is most easily accessible in the starter stable, where players can fly through a small gap and onto the lava behind the egg pedestal. The lave there does not extend all the way to the rocks behind it, leaving an opening that players can pass through.

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