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Hiccup: "I'm so excited about that nest of Speed Stingers you found, [Your Viking's Name]! We should use this opportunity to learn more about them.

Let's head back to the nest. If we tread lightly, we can get close and observe them!"

1- Investigate the Speed Stinger nest

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Hiccup: "These flightless dragons like to build their nests in caves. They can't produce fire to protect themselves from the cold, so they huddle together in the shelter of the cave to keep warm.

Speed Stingers are incredibly protective of their territory. They definitely aren't the friendliest dragons in the world...

Don't make any sudden movements, [Your Viking's Name]! They'll think you're a threat. Maybe we should back away for a bit and study their diet. I wonder if they eat fish like other dragons? See if you can find a fishingbhole nearby."

2- Look at the lake

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Hiccup: "Speed Stingers need a lot of food to provide energy for their powerful leg muscles. Hmmm... The Speed Stingers probably hunt other types of arctic wildlife for food.

There are many different species living here, which contributes to an ecosystem's level of biodiversity. Biodiversity is a measure of the variety of organisms present in different ecosystems.

There are other organisms that share this habitat with the Speed Stingers. Let's see if we can spot signs of other wildlife living here.

Those footprints in the snow over there don't look like they belong to a dragon. Could you take a closer look?"

3- Examine the animal footprints

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Hiccup: "They look like rabbit footprints. Arctic hares must live here among the trees.

That's a good sign! An ecosystem's level of biodiversity is a good indicator of its health. For example, imagine if all these trees were cut down? We'd seen biodiversity go down because of the destruction of these species's habitat.

We need to protect all the wildlife living on this island, including the Speed Stingers. The best way to do that is to learn as much as we can about them.

Let's go back to the Speed Stinger nest and see if we can learn more."

4- Return to the Speed Stinger nest

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Hiccup: "Speed Stingers always live in packs. Their leader is called the "Lead" Speed Stinger. Without a pack leader, they struggle to work as a team. This social structure is very important to the survival of their species.

Uh oh... We might have overstayed our welcome. Forget what I said about sudden movements. Run away! Get out of there!"

5- Escape the Speed Stinger!

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Hiccup: "That was some impressive field work, [Your Viking's Name]! I knew you could handle it."