The Snow Wraith is a Strike Class dragon released on June 26th, 2015. They can be purchased for 750 gems (600 for members) from the store.

On April 7th, 2016, the Snow Wraith recieved a new model and animations.

On December 9th, 2016, the Snow Wraith recieved a Titan Stage.


From the How to Train Your Dragon Wiki:

"This 30-foot-long, bipedal dragon has thermal vision that allows it to track prey even during the most blustery blizzard, which it uses for cover. Being a Strike Class, it’s a speedy, snarling white worm. Snow Wraiths have no known vulnerabilities, making them a supremely formidable force to be reckoned with during battle. It lives in sub-zero climates and have adapted to these desolate conditions in surprising ways, such as their all-white coloration that allows for natural camouflage in snowy conditions and an ability to grip onto ice using claws on their wings and tails. Snow Wraiths’ teeth is also the sole tool that can unlock the Dragon Eye.
"The erratic Snow Wraith is known for its vicious and predatory nature and dangerous and reclusive temperament. Like all Strike Class dragons, it is highly intelligent."
For more information on the Snow Wraith, visit here.

In Quests Edit

Battle for the Edge Edit

Quest: The Hunter in the Blizzard Edit

The player, with the help of Heather, will find a wounded Snow Wraith on Glacier Island, its natural environment. While the details aren't clear, it seems the dragon has been wounded by a pack of Speed Stingers, probably as a result of a conflict between predators over the control of the territory.

The dragon is then healed by a Prickleboggle, meaning that the healing powers of that dragon are known and appreciated by several species of dragons.

It is also mentioned that the Snow Wraith blends with the environment (camouflage) thanks to its skin color, and it uses it to sneak up on prey and hide from predators.

Broad icon Hatchling and AdulthoodEdit

Titan icon Titan StageEdit

Racing ColorsEdit

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