Snotlout's Sentry Station is a Location can could only be unlocked after finishing Sentry Point.

It was supposed to be an open world-ish location, where the player could (most likely) test the Dragon's Flight. It could also be a location where people could enjoy their time in a "lone" place.

However, after an unknown update, this quest is gliched and, even though Snotlout says "Enjoy Snotlout's Sentry Station" (implying that the player would be able to re-visit this location without any problem), it's now glitched and unreachable by anyone. It's unknown if this will be fixed or not.

Ways to AccessEdit

NOTE: This were all the possible ways until it got gltiched up.

  • Via flying through the cracked wall in the Caldera;
  • Via Teleporter

Sentry StationEdit

Sss 2

Upper and Entire View of the Sentry Station

The entire station has large Sea Stacks and a small, rocky isle surrounded by sea.

Since it was meant for people to enjoy the view and to fly around, it's very open ended and, it's filled with "obstacles" (the Sea Stacks) for the player to avoid.

It didn't had any Fishing Spots and, it's unknown if people could use the Flight Suit on it.

Sss 1

Rumblehorn rider flying over the Sentry Station

The Isle is the main spawning point and, it's where the Telescope and the Thor Statue will appear during missions (Thor's Statue is Mission Exclusive(?)).

Sss 3

Player with a Stormcutter looking at the moon from the Isle

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