The Snafflefang is a Boulder Class dragon released on November 21st, 2014. They can be purchased for 915 gems (750 for members) from the store.

At an unknown date, the price went from 915 to 750.

At an unknown date, the price was changed again from 750 gems to 5,500 gold.

On November 21st, 2016, two years since its original price, the price returned back to Gems, this time however, it's 650 Gems.


From the How to Train Your Dragon Wiki:

"Snafflefangs are more active and mobile compared to the other Boulder Class dragons like the Gronckles and the Hotburples. These dragons have diamond-sharp teeth that they use to chew their favorite food; geodes, and they chew geodes like how dogs chew their favorite bones. Because of their food choice, Snafflefangs can be easily found in certain areas, which is why they are vulnerable to dragon trappers. Snafflefangs can also breathe brightly-colored fire, which allow these dragons to easily find geodes in dark caves.
"Its tail bludgeon is covered with large spikes and is sure to deliver a heavy blow. It is made for smashing during attacks and as a defense. Many Boulder Class dragons, such as the Gronckle and Hotburple have one too.
"To help it eat geodes, the Snafflefang possess many sharp, diamond-shape teeth. It gives them the ability to crush the hard geodes and also serves as a good attack and defense mechanism. The Snafflefang can deliver a powerful bite on its opponents and prey."
For more information on the Snafflefang, visit here.


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