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Hiccup: "Have you seen that long, narrow tunnel in the Ice Caves? I want to know where it leads. Unfortunately, it's too narrow to fly on a dragon and way to steep and slippery to walk up on foot.

Why don't you head over the tunnel's entrance? I know we can think of something if we put our minds to it!"

1- Look at the tunnel in the Ice Caves

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Hiccup: "There has to be a way up! My curiosity is killing me.

Okay, I have a weird idea, but hear me out. Speed Stingers have sharp claws and very powerful legs. I watch them running up and down snowy slopes with ease. If we could gain their trust, maybe we could ride up this steep slope on the back of a Speed Stinger.

I know it sounds insane, but if I can gain the trust of a Night Fury by offering it fish, maybe you can do the same with a Speed Stinger! Let's catch a nice, big arctic char to give to the pack."

2- Catch an Arctic Char by the ocean

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Hiccup: "Great job! They'll love this fish.

Take the fish to the Speed Stinger nest."

3- Visit the Speed Stinger nest

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Hiccup: "Since you saved that tiny Speed Stinger that was trapped in the snow, the pack already trusts you enough that they won't chase you away. Now, we just have to convince them to trust us a little bit more...

Give the fish to the Speed Stinger, but be very careful!"

4- Give the Arctic Char to the Speed Stinger

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Hiccup: "Nice work! I think they trust you more than ever.

Now comes the tricky part... You have to climb onto the Speed Stinger's back. Click on the Speed Stinger when you're ready for the challenge."

5- Click on the Speed Stinger

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Hiccup: "That's incredible! I always knew you'd be a great dragon trainer. You're amazing, [Your Viking's Name]!

Let's get back to the Ice Caves. Ride the Speed Stinger back to the entrance of the narrow tunnel."

6- Return to the entrance of the tunnel in the Ice Caves

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Hiccup: "Click on the Speed Stinger to mount it again."

7- Mount the Speed Stinger

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Hiccup: "Perfect! The icy tunnel should be no problem for a Speed Stinger. Their powerful legs and sharp claws will help them run up the steep slope.

Run towards the narrow tunnel on your Speed Stinger and see where it leads!"

8- Reach the end of the tunnel and find what's inside

Item Frozen Treasure Chest
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Hiccup: "A treasure chest! What a great find! I wonder if the Archaeologist would know anything about it?"