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Astrid: "During today's Dragon Hunter lookout patrol, Stormfly and I saw an interesting island near Glacier Island that we want to check out. It looked like there might even be dragon nests there. Come with me, [your dragon's name]. I could use the company!"

1- Meet Astrid at Scuttleclaw Island

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Astrid: "What's going on over there?

The Skrill must be an invasive species! The Skrill is a much stronger dragon but the Scuttleclaws have an advantage in numbers.

Look! A single Scuttleclaw isn't strong enough to fight off the Skrill, but the Skrill can't take on all the Scuttleclaws at once! The flock of Scuttleclaws acts in sync as a defense against predators. Each dragon performs a specialized role to help its flock-mates defeat threats.

Cooperative pack behavior is how some animals and mammals survive. Musk oxen and elephants will circle around their young to form a defensive barrier. Dolphins will travel in shoals to defend the group from shark attacks.

If a shark get too close, two dolphins will split off from the others and attract the shark away from the group.

These Scuttleclaws need some help. We can lead the Skrill away from the Scuttleclaw nest, just like the dolphins in shark attacks! We need to get its attention. I'll stay at low altitude. Can you fly higher to get to a vantage point?"

2- Fly up to get a vantage point

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Astrid: "This looks like a good position. Okay, this will be a bit tricky... but I hope we can make it work. When I say go, you hit it with [your dragon's name]'s fireballs. As you shoot it, I'll swoop down and get its attention. The angry Skrill should follow me, away from the Scuttleclaw nest.

Okay, ready?

Now! Blast him!"

3- Shoot the Skrill multiple times!

[animation of the Skrill chasing Stormfly and Astrid]

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Astrid: "Great, just like we planned! Of course, now I have an angry Skrill on my tail. Hellp me out!"

4- Shoot the Skrill mutliple times!

[animation of Astrid and Stormfly entering the Scuttleclaw cave and hiding, while the Skrill lose track of them and disappear]

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Astrid: "Whew! That was a close one. I think I lost the Skrill. Can you come find me? I think this place is very interesting..."

5- Find Astrid at the Scuttleclaw cave

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Astrid: "Wow, what did we discover here? This place looks amazing... and it doesn't look anything like the rest of the island."

6- What is this cave?

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Astrid: "Is that a Flightmare egg? Wow! I think we might have stumbled on a Flightmare nest.

Let's go out of here before she returns and thinks we're threatening its egg. Let's get back to Dragon's Edge!"

7- Go back to Dragon's Edge

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Astrid: "We need to adopt the mentality of the Scuttleclaw pack for the defense of Dragon's Edge. Every one of us can't do everything. We need to specialize roles, so that we are all pitching in on different tasks to protect our base.

Thank you for your help, [your Viking's name]. I couldn't have done it without you by my side!"