The Skrill is a Strike class dragon introduced on June 28, 2014. It is one of the seven species available for adoption at the beginning of the game, though it is only available to members. They can also be bought from the store for 750 gems (600 for members).

Description Edit

From The School of Dragons Game Guide:

"As learned in 'Defenders of Berk', the Skrills have the ability to stay frozen for decades upon decades; they were found in a huge block of ice that was near-impossible to break. With the help of Hookfang, Snotlout was able to blow it up, leaving many Skrills to wander the land. Since the School of Dragons was accepting more dragons, Hiccup, Astrid, Snotlout and the Headmaster all decided to provide the Skrill a home and a place to lay their eggs.
"With its large wings, they fly like professionals with extremely fast momentum through anything, even lightning. The metallic spikes on their back are not only used to cut through things, but they are used to shoot lightening out of their mouths. Although Skrills are generally very mysterious, they are also known to be aggressive and powerful. You usually find the Skrill flying about during an electrical storm.
"These Skrills definitely have a mind of their own, but in the end, they will always be a loyal partner."

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History Edit


  • For unknown reasons, when the player ages up a Skrill to Titan Stage, it will freeze whenever it glides;
    • Firing while flying or "gliding" will result in spazing out. It's the exact same glitch that the Razorwhip had.
    • However, this glitch only happens in the first moments because, after reloading the game, the Titan Skrill will have a gliding animation and it won't freeze when gliding.


  • The Skrill's War Paint has, quite possibly, the least "paint", due the War Paint's paint being only on the Skrill's wings, unlike the others that have paint on both the head, neck, limbs, tail and wings (commonly, on either 2-4 body parts).
    • Just like the Deadly Nadder, Hideous Zippleback and the Gronckle's War Paint, it slightly birghts the model, however, it's easier to notice by his eyes.
    • When a Titan Skrill uses a War Paint, it adds the same pattern underwing. This is one of a few War Paints that the Titan Stage adds more paint when Titan.

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