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Snotlout: "Hey [your Viking's name]. Is this your handkerchief? I was hanging out my washing and.. Oh no! This was my rug! It's made of sheep's wool and it must've shrunk when I washed it.

Thor's hammer on a helmet! Doesn't that mean that Phlegma's sheep will shrink when it rains too? Find Phlegma's stray sheep in the Lookout before this wool catastrophe gets out of hand!"

1- Find Phlegma's Sheep in the Lookout

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Snotlout: "That's the one!

This sheep it's going to have its beautiful coat and face shrunk by morning! Click on the sheep and show it the way to the pen."

2- Click on the sheep and lead it to the pen

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Snotlout: "That takes care of that. I'm even smarter than I thought.

I've got to get back and see if I can fashion some kind of a rug out of my other shrunken clothes. At least I saved the day, though! You should tell Phlegma that."

3- Tell Phlegma that her sheep are safe

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Phlegma: "Thank you for hearding my stray sheep but I'm afraid you've been led a little astray.

Did Snotlout really think sheep would shrink in the rain? Unlike Snotlout's rug, sheep stop their wool from getting tangled and that's what makes wool shrink. They have fish-like scales that point its woolen fibers in the same direction.

Also, sheep produce an oily wax called lanolin that protects their wool from getting too wet in the rain.

Woolen clothes shrink because of a process called felting. Let me show you how it works. Can you grab 3 wool spools from the sheep pen?"

4- Gather 3 Wool Spools

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Phlegma: "Great!

Felting occurs when woolen fibers get pressed together by heat, motion and moisture. It's easier for woolen fibers to felt if the water is hot because the scales will open up faster. Have [your dragon's name] shoot a fireball to warm up this cauldron."

5- Mount your dragon and shoot the wood

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Phlegma: "Perfect! That's got the water boiling.

Bring me the 3 spools of wool and we can start felting."

6- Give the 3 Wool Spools to Phlegma

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Phlegma: "There! The wool compresses with hot water.

The more you rub the fibers together, the more the fabric shrinks. Click twice on the wool in the pot to agitate the wool."

7- Tap the wool to agitate it

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Phlegma: "One more time!"

8- Tap on the wool to compress it

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Phlegma: "That's it!

The wool has taken on a whole new form! I can make a whole new felt rug out of this felted wool. It'll be warm, cozy and best of all it won't shrink any more because it has already been shrunk.

This should be just the thing for Snotlout. Give it to him with my regards."

9- Give the felt rug to Snotlout

Item Phlegma's Felt Rug

Phlegma's Felt Rug

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Snotlout: "Whoa! That looks even better than my last one but I think you should keep it for your hideout. Way to go, [your viking's name]! You have all the makings of a young and slightly less attractive version of me! "

Note: you should receive a rug for your Hideout, however the item is glitched and can't be placed in the hideout (appears as ever-loading item in the inventory)