The Shovelhelm is a Boulder class dragon that was released on February 26th, 2016. It can be purchased for 750 Gems (600 for members).


Similar in body shape to the Snafflefang, it has a fan-like tail like the Moldruffle, and a head frill like the Hobblegrunt.

From the SoD description given on release:

"With the upturned shape of its jaw and the lighthearted glint of its eyes, the Shovelhelm can be the friendliest of dragons around - and possibly the most reliable."

This dragon seems prone to help repairing damaged buildings, using its head to hammer loosen planks back in place.


  • The Shovelhelm shares the same egg shape as the Sweet Death and Shivertooth.
  • It is regarded as one of the previously unnamed "modular" or "background" dragons that live in Valka's sanctuary as seen in the movie HTTYD 2. Other probable modular dragons in the game are the Mudraker, the Prickleboggle, the Snafflefang, the Hobblegrunt and the Raincutter
  • The Shovelhelm has it's own animation.


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