The Shockjaw is a Tidal Class dragon released on April 10th, 2015. It can be purchased for 750 gems in the store (600 for members).

As for V2.3.0, in the intro sequence, the Shockjaw is one of the three Secondary Starter Dragons that can appear caged, most likely to unlock the Stable Missions without needing to buy a new dragon (the player still has to choose their actual starter dragon).


From the How to Train Your Dragon Wiki:

"Instead of fire, this Tidal Class swimmer emits bio-electricity, from a gentle jolt to a lethal bolt! It can be quite the shock. The bolts it emits can be strong enough to take down an entire ship and its crew!
"The Shockjaw's electrical stream attack makes the power of lightning feel up-close and personal. The Shockjaw shoots powerful blasts of bio-electricity, similar to the Skrill and Seashocker, which shoot electricity. It is very strong and it should work particularly well underwater as water is a conductor of electricity and its blast can be conducted around it. It also has the ability to control how powerful its electric shots are. The Shockjaw is described to be the fastest flying dragon of the Tidal Class."

For more information on the Shockjaw, visit here.


  • It's unknown why was the Shockjaw choosen to be one of the Secondary Starter Dragons and not a member-starter instead;
  • The Hero Skin's dorsal membrane has a second layer, while the custom skin only has 1.


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