The Shivertooth is a Sharp Class dragon introduced on March 27th, 2015. They can be purchased for 750 gems (600 for members) from the store.


From the How to Train Your Dragon Wiki:

"This mischievous sharp class prankster is a real cut-up that leaves its opponents in stitches! Nothing can keep a Shivertooth from cutting through the heart of battle with it's sharp scales.
"The Shivertooth has extremely sharp claws that is described to be able to slice Vikings and leave them in stitches. This is a useful attack or defense strategy because these cuts may result in major blood loss when a Viking is attacked. Similar to the Bewilderbeast and Woolly Howl, the Shivertooth shoots snow at its opponents. According to School of Dragons, the Shivertooth is the fastest sharp class dragon. This implies that it is probably very agile too. This is a great advantage in hunting and escaping from predators."
For more information on the Shivertooth, visit here.


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