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Gobber: "Spitelout doesn't like the lead trophies I made for him. He says they're too heavy and keeps grunting "Oi! Oi! Oi!" at me! He wants me to start all over again and make new ones.

I'm too tired to make another st of trophies today. Can you figure out the easiest metal to work with? I'll need the one with the lowest melting point. Talk to the Alchemist by The Lab!"

1- Meet the Alchemist by The Lab

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Heather: "Hi [Your Viking's Name], it's great to see you again! Are you ready for another science adventure?

That sounds like a fun experiment to test! Let's gather some different metals from our friends."

2- Collect iron from Hiccup

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Hiccup: "I have a lot of iron to spare. I never know when I might need to fix some of my gadgets! You can have s much as you want."

3- Collect gold from Fishlegs at the Lookout

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Fishlegs: "Oh, oh! I know this nugget is real gold, because it felt soft when I bit it! You can have it for your experiment."

4- Get silver from Eret at the Training Grounds

{{Quote|Eret|I picked up these silver rocks from an old mate of mine back when I was dragon trapping. You can have some.}

5- Collect tin from Gobber in Berk

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Gobber: "You can have as much tin as you can carry, since it's really light! It's an alloy! Here you go."

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Heather: "Now you're ready to come back to The Lab. Bring the materials you collected and we'll use the information to make a hypothesis."

6- Choose your hypothesis

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Heather: "Interesting choice! Now let's get inside The Lab and have some fun."

7- Heat up iron

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Heather: "Based on your results, you proved your hypothesis to be true. Tin has the lowest melting point and would melt the quickest so Gobber can complete these trophies."

8- Talk to Gobber in Berk

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Gobber: "So I had the metal I wanted all along, huh? Tin medallions will be a cinch to make! Thanks, lassie!"