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Hiccup: "We have to tell the others about our discovery. Go back to the school and speak with the Headmaster. He'll be excited to spread the news!"

1- Report to the Headmaster

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Headmaster: "You ran into the Archaeologist on an arctic island? Yes, I remember when he used to live on Berk. He left years ago to explore distant islands. I'm glad to hear he's doing well and helping you explore this exciting new land!

We should build a small expansion of the school there to study the arctic environment. Knowledge is gained by exploring the unknown.

Please tell Valka the good news and ask her if she thinks we should devote some of the clan's resource to building a new expansion of the school."

2- Speak to Valka in Berk

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Valka: "A new island sounds like an amazing opportunity to find new dragons. Of course, we should expand the school.

Take these building supplies and deliver them to Gobber. He should be in charge of constructing the buildings."

3- Talk to Gobber in Berk

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Gobber: "We're expanding the school? This is right up my alley! I've got so many great ideas, I hardly know where to start. We're going to need more building supplies that that!

Tell you what, lad/lassie, you take those building supplies and fly to the arctic island. I'll load up Stokehead with more supplies, and then we'll meet you there.

Once we land, you can give me the building supplies. Let's get going! I can hardly wait."

Item building stones

Building Stones

4- Bring the supplies to Gobber in the Arctic

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Gobber: "Thanks, lad/lassie. Don't worry. The dorms will be built faster than you can say yak milk stew! Well, maybe not that fast... but close!"


  • Just like Into the Wild, despite the Timberjack Taxi being replaced by the World Map a long time ago, Gibber still mentions loading up Stokehead with supplies for the school expansion.