Scuttleclaw Island is one of the eight islands of Battle for the Edge expansion pack.

It can be accessed only after the purchase of the expansion or with membership.

Covered in snow, this seemingly inhospitable island is instead the nesting site for two dragon species: Scuttleclaws and Flightmare. The presence of vulnerable nests and babies makes it a target for a predatory Skrill.

There are no characters in this location.

Ways of access Edit

  • By clicking on "Scuttleclaw Island" on the Teleporter
  • By clicking on "Scuttleclaw Island" on the World Map
There is no Teleporter in this location, to go somewhere else from there, either use the World map, or fly out to the sea, until the Teleporter menu shows.

Dragons that live on the Island Edit

Fishing spots Edit

There are two saltwater fishing spots, near the two entrances of the cave.

Gallery Edit

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