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Eret: "Ahoy there! Thanks for clearing up Gobber's stink but now Grump has gone missing. I think he couldn't stand the smell of roses around Gobber so he run away. It looks like this is a job for the finest dragon rangler alive!

I'll see if I can track down old Grump while you speak with Heather. She said that she had an idea for fixing Gobber's smell. You can find her by the Lab at the School"

1- Talk to Heather in the School

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Heather: "Great timing! I just bottled a fragrance oil that I'm calling Essence of Blacksmith. The smell is a perfect mix of old metal tools, sooty hands and singed moustache so don't be surprised if the inside of the Lab smells like Gobber's smithy for a while.

We're going to need all the ingredients you gathered last time to make this special soap. Tallow is made from rendering; that's a procedure where you heat pieces of animal fat so it doesn't spoil as easily. Click on the cauldron to add the block of tallow."

2- Add the tallow to the Cauldron

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Heather: "For centuries tallow has been used for cooking, candle making and even in printing. Gobber uses it in its smithy as a lubricant so his tools move smoothly when they come up against rough surface.

We need liquid tallow to make soap, so we need to melt this block. Could you get your dragon to light the fire underneath the cauldron?"

3- Shoot the wood fire

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Heather: "Thanks! It has a lovely color but stinks worse than Snotlout's burning pants!

We need to be very careful. The lye water from Phlegma's farm is caustic, which means it can burn your skin. Carefully click the cauldron to add the lye water."

4- Pour the Lye Water into the cauldron

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Heather: "Nicely done! When you pour the lye onto the liquid tallow, it starts a chemical reaction. This is called saponification, which is a cool way of saying the fat (in the tallow) gets broken down by the sodium hydroxide (from the lye water). The mixture thickens like pudding and we have the beginning of our soap.

To finish, we need to stir the mixture and 'Gobberize' the smell. Click on the cauldron to finish the soap!"

5- Click the cauldron to drizzle Essence of Blacksmith

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Heather: "Wow... you can really smell the moustache.

Now I'll just pour the soap into molds and it'll be ready to use in no time. I have a quick question for you if you'll click on me."

6- Click on Heather to answer her question

Scrubbed clean quiz
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Heather: "We did it! The bar soap is ready and I gave it the only name that makes sense...

Now comes the hard part: convincing Gobber to actually use the soap. He still smells of rose petals and won't venture away from the waterfall. I think he's a little ashamed of smelling so sweet and fresh.

Give Gobber the soap; let's hope it's a smell he likes! "

Item Soap


7- Give Gobber the soap
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Gobber: "'Gobber' soap, eh? It's got a grand name and smells just like a smithy after a five day smelting.. I love it!

If you don't mind, I need privacy to enjoy a good shower so... away with yeh!

Talk to Eret on the pier and find out if he's tracked down my sweet Grump."

8- Speak to Eret about Grump

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Eret: "It's never easy to get anyone around here to clean themselves but now that Gobber's under the waterfall, he won't come out until he's belted out ever Viking song that he knows! You did a fine job there, mate.

I spoke with a few Vikings in Berk who saw Grump flying out to open sea but he won't have gotten far. As much as Grump hates the smell of flowers, he loves Gobber too much to go any further than that.

Check out the sea stacks to find Grump and I'll let Gobber know when you find him."

9- Find Grump

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Gobber: "Hoot, you found my Grump! He's going to love that I smell normal again! Let me go get that overgrown sausage."

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Eret: "My eyes! Put your clothes back on, Gobber! Why would you run around Berk like that?"

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Gobber: "Oh right. Sorry about that. I don't take showers often so I'm not well versed in the drying procedure. Many thanks got to [your Viking's name]! I couldn't have done it without that little lad/lassie. So... same again, next year?"