This article talks about the School that is a location in the game. For the game itself, see School of Dragons

Once the sole location in the game, the School of Dragons has now lost many of its original buildings as new locations were added to the game. Amongst these locations were Fireball Frenzy, the player's Farm, and The Commons, since relocated to the Training Grounds, the Lookout, and removed from the game, respectively. The School is now home only to the Lab, the Hatchery, the Great Hall, and a few fishing spots.

The following locations have entrances from the School:

Most other major locations in the game can be reached from the School via either the World Map or by opening the map located in the upper-right-hand corner of the screen and clicking on one of its displayed locations.

The School itself (Main Zones)Edit

School 2

Second zone of The School

School 1

First zone of The School

Above The Docks is the large, main zone of The School. It has a large building (possibly The School itself) with a pilar in front of it, behind the pilar, there's the main zone to get to The Docks. Behind The School, on the left, you have The Lab with three watefralls behind and besides it, and, on the right, you have The Hatchery's Entrance, between 2 waterfalls. Besides the right side of The School, there's the entrance to the Training Grounds and, between The Hatchery and the Training Grounds' Entrance, there's The Lookout's Entrance. Besides the Training Grounds' Entrance, you have The Store and The Farm Jobs' Board.

School 8

Close-up of Johann's Store

On the left side of the The School, you have the entrance to The Wilderness and, the Freshwater lake (that doesn't trigger the swimming animation) that will be used in various tutorials. On the far left, there's a large staircase to the Beach (that also appears on the opposite side), this is one of the first Saltwater fishing spots that the player will find.

School 9

The Wilderness' Entrance

If the player ignores The Lookout's Entrance and continues to follow the path, it will lead to the "second floor" of the mountain, which has a lake (that also doesn't trigger the swimming animation) followed by the 3 waterfalls. The only way to reach to very top of the mountains is by having a dragon in Boardwing/Level 10+. On the opposite side, there's a large cracked wall that leads to the outside (it used to lead to Snotlout's Sentry Station after a mission) and, if one goes to the left, there's a small open area that leads to a small hole that also leads to the outside*. On the outside, there's a small Saltwater lake.

*This most likely means that Snotloud's Sentry Station was supposed to be an actual location that would be unlocked with a mission and, the cracked wall would lead there and the small hole would lead outside (or even the opposite). But, after an unknown update, it glitched up and now, it's unreachable.

School 3

The Cracked Wall

The DocksEdit

The lowerest zone of The School, The Docks is the main place where you can find both the 2 beaches and the boat to Berk. In both beaches, there's a Saltwater fishing spot.

To go up again, you can either:

  • Follow the stairs and path that go in spiral;
  • Enter the hole that leads to a gyeser pushing the platform upwards, sort of like an Elevator.

On the left side of The Docks, there's a cave entrance that leads to The Lookout. On the opposite side, there's the entrance to the Stables.

Unlike the lakes, going into the water triggers the swimming animation, which was added in an unknown update (before, if you touched the water, you would be teleported nearby the pilar). Around the 4 corners of the ocean, there's 4 battle training targets (2x50, 100 and 150).

Old Description (Both the Docks and Beach respectively):

School dock

Player at the old school dock

School beach

Player at the oldschool beach

"Located more or less beneath the World Map, the docks are where the boarding boat is located. By getting onto the boat, players can travel to Berk's docks. At the base of the docks, a "lift" will take players up to the stone circle that serves as one of the School's main spawn points. Fishlegs can be found on the docks."
"The School has two beaches, each sporting a saltwater fishing spot. The first beach is located beneath the lake; cross over the stream go down the woodenstair case, and this fishing spot will be between two campfires, by a rack of fish.
The other beach, also with a fishing spot, is located across from the docks.
Before swimming was implemented, stepping in the water caused you to respawn elsewhere on the map."


  • 7/25/13, version 1.03: Johann’s Trading Post added to the School;
  • 9/27/13, version 4.2: Flight boundary on at the School expanded.
  • Unknown date and version, major changes made.

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