Saddles are items that can be worn by your dragon. They can be purchased from the Store in the Dragon Store section. Most saddles do not provide any stat increases while saddles such as the Defender, Sleek, and Wild saddles provide an increase your dragons pitch and turn rate.

Saddles were first made available on September 12th, 2013 as part of the 4.0 update.

To equip the saddle, you can either equid via the Adventurer's Journal or via the saddle section from the Backpack to directly equid your active dragon's respective saddle.

Novice SaddlesEdit

Novice Saddles are available for five hundred (500) Gold Coins. These saddles do not provide any stat increases and are purely for fashion. These saddles are very basic and appear to be made from leather. Each saddle has a different appearance for each dragon.


  • The Typhoomerang Novice Saddle stretches to the head;
    • It has been years since the Typhoomerang Saddle haven't been fixed.

The stretched saddle in a Typhoomerang

Wild SaddlesEdit

Wild Saddles are saddles available for all starter dragons (excluding the Skrill) that can be purchased for nine hundred sixty (960) gold coins. When worn, these saddles will increase your dragon's maximum speed by 5%. These saddles's appearances vary from dragon to dragon and appear to be made out of various materials.

Sleek SaddlesEdit

Sleek Saddles are available for two hundred (200) gems. They are available for all starter dragons (excluding the Skrill) and appear to be made from Gronckle Iron and black leather. Each design is unique for each dragon. These saddles increase a dragon's maximum turn rate by 3% and maximum speed by 8%.

Defender SaddlesEdit

Defender Saddles are available for two hundred twenty five (225) gems and can also be commonly won in Battle Events . When worn on your dragon, They increase their maximum turn rate by 5% and maximum speed by 8%. They are a large which appear to be made of leather. The back of the saddle has four (4) bone-like spike protruding from it and the front appears to have a half of a shield.

Toothless SaddleEdit

The Toothless Saddle is a members only item that can be worn on Toothless and is unlocked when your viking reaches level six (6). When worn, it increases his maximum speed by 5% and appears to be based off of his saddle seen in the How to Train Your Dragon movies. This saddle can be purchased for one hundred twenty (120) gems.

Master's SaddlesEdit

The Master's Saddle is a saddle that was released on ??? and costs 240 gems. When it is worn it will increase the dragon's pitch rate by 2% and its turn rate by 1%.

Rider's SaddlesEdit

Rider's Saddles were introduced recently, and cost 300 gems each. They are a narrower saddle with a large barrel-like front and fins in the back. When worn, they increase the dragons pitch rate and turn rate by 2%. It also increases the dragon's happiness by 3%.


  • The Rider's Gronckle Saddle is the only known saddle to decrease a dragons pitch rate when worn.

Saddles of ChampionsEdit

The Saddle of Champions is a unique item that was awarded to members of the Snow Leopards clan in 2014 after winning the Clash of the Clans that year.

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Snoggletog SaddlesEdit

Snoggletog saddles are limited edition saddles only available during the Snoggletog (Winter) season. There are currently six (6) saddles available for one hundred seventy five (175) gems. They also increase a dragon's happiness by 1% when worn.