The Rumblehorn is a Tracker Class dragon released on July 30th, 2014. They can be purchased for 750 gems (600 for members) from the store.

On January 15, 2016 they received a new animation.

As for V2.3.0, in the intro sequence, the Rumblehorn is one of the four Secondary Starter Dragons that can appear caged, most likely to unlock the Stable Missions without needing to buy a new dragon (the player still has to choose their actual starter dragon).


From the How to Train Your Dragon Wiki:

"It can shoot long-ranged fire "missiles" from its mouth which initially starts out as a white-hot fireball that quickly solidifies and turns to a warmer color before it ends up in a sooty, stony material when it hits its target. Being a Tracker Class dragon, their powerful sense of smell makes them able to find any Viking scent from long distances even if the material that worn from the water for certain period of time. They can find anything, based on scent alone.
"Rumblehorns are extremely strong dragons, for they are able to carry large Vikings and their weapons, as well as ramming down a sea stack while flying in full speed. Their physical weaponry are having a powerful long tail that can be used as a club with spikes, sharp long horns and sharp teeth.
"Rumblehorns appear to be extremely intelligent, hiding from their enemies in bushes and creating traps with their footprints. They have also been shown to attempt to chase Hiccup and the gang off Dragon's Edge by pretending to harm them, other native dragons and destroying buildings. They have even outsmarted Hiccup and the gang numerous times.
"Rumblehorns always have their snouts to the ground, sniffing around for something edible. They can be aggressive, but are also friendly towards their riders. Their food of choice is unknown, but they are probably carnivorous. They are also highly intelligent and determined. They run like rhinoceroses. As shown by the still wild Skullcrusher, Rumblehorns can be very caring and protective of those in danger."

For more information on the Rumblehorn, visit here.


  • In the store, there's 2 Rumblehorn War Paints: Rumblehorn War Paint (Hero skin+War Paint) and the Red War Paint (War Paint only).
  • It's unknown why was the Rumblehorn choosen to be one of the Secondary Starter Dragons and not a member-starter instead;
  • Rumblehorn and the Sweet Death are the only dragons incapable of sitting in-game.

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