Phlegma icon

Phlegma: "You need to get back to the cenote and make sure Skulder and the Krayfin are okay. Now, Hiccup gave me a prototype design of his for you to use. Click on the supply box on Johann's boat."

1- Click on the supply box item: 1 Jungle Viking/Shieldmaiden Flight Suit

Phlegma icon

Phlegma: "With that, you can glide down safely into the cenote and avoid the angry Flame Whippers. I wish I could help, but this injury is going to slow you down. Go back to the cenote on Impossible Island. Thorspeed!"

2- Return to Impossible Island and fly above the Cenote

! icon

!: "With the flight suit on, you should be able to glide down into the cenote and land safely on the bridge"

3- Glide down safely onto the bridge

! icon

!: "The Flame Whippers are nowhere in sight. You should get to the door under the Eruptodon statue before the dragons discover you."

4- Get to the door

! icon

!: "It looks like you will need to solve the puzzle with the cog as a key. You need to click on the door."

5- Click on the door to insert the key


The puzzle to be solved to open the door

Archaeologist icon

Archaeologist: "Is that the door I hear? Oh-ho-ho, I bet the key was with Hamish's shipwreck, wasn't it? That rascally devil! The Flame Whipper don't seem to have calmed down any in your absence. Don't worry; I have a plan. Come to my humble cage!"

6- Look for the Archaeologist


The fire triangle

Archaeologist icon

Archaeologist: "I've noticed that the Flame Whippers stare at the Eruptodon statue with caution. They're worried. If we light a fire in the mouth of the statue, it might scare the dragons and make them run away!

Fire is a chemical reaction that happens when these elements are combined at the right mixture: oxygen (in the air), some sort of fuel (like wood, oil, or gas), and heat. If you remove one or more of these elements, the fire get extinguished.

You need to climb the cliff to the statue and find a place to light a fire. Be careful: the Flame Whippers are waiting for you! I'll be cheering you from here. (I've started to get a bit comfortable in my cage.)"

7- Climb the Eruptodon statue 8- Follow the cliff path to the Eruptodon statue

! icon

!: "It looks like the mouth of the statue is full of some sort of oil, and a flint and steel are nearby that can produce a spark of heat. Click on the flint and steel and light a spark over the oil."

9- Click on the brazier to light the fire in the Eruptodon's mouth

! icon

!: "It's working! You should go back to the Archaeologit and let him out of his cage."

10- Click on the cage and free the Archaeologist

Archaeologist icon

Archaeologist: "Huzzah! So, the Defenders left materials to create a fire at the statue? They must have known it was a way for them to live in peace with these dragons without fighting them...

I'll make sure that the fire in the statue remains lit. You can go with the Krayfin and make sure that he finds... whatever it is he's looking for. I know you can do it, [your Viking's name]!"

11- Enter the next room with the baby Krayfin

! icon

!: "The horrible smell is getting worse. You must be getting closer..."