The Razorwhip is a Sharp Class dragon released on August 7th, 2015. They can be purchased for 500 gems (400 for members) from the store.

On 9th of May, 2016, the Razorwhip received a Titan Stage.


From the School of Dragons website:

"Straight from the depths of darkness comes the latest dragon to take flight on campus - the Razorwhip. These highly-anticipated winged companions have fought their way out of the darkest of corners surrounding Berk, so retrieving these eggs was no easy feat for Trader Johann’s crew. Thankfully, one of those trusty explorers was able to find the largest nest of eggs and bring a number of these wild creatures back to the School. Their highly defensive abilities and hard to train personalities, make raising this dragon more than just any simple adventure.
"This dangerous beast is not for the faint of heart. Between this dragon’s razor-sharp wings, whip-like tail, blazing fire, and their aggressive nature, there are not many dragons out there more deadly. Apart from their barrage of fighting skills, the Razorwhip also has an array of defense skills. Legend states that their tears are lethal and their maneuverability in flight is unmatched. Trainers need to be not only brave enough, but also smart and loyal to tame this ferocious dragon."
For more information on the Razorwhip, visit here.



  • Due the lack of Gliding animation, whenever the Razorwhip glides, it freezes instead.
    • Firing while "gliding" will cause the Razorwhip to spaz out. This glitch has been fixed since then.
  • Despite being capable of blinking and having notable functional eyelids, the Razorwhip doesn't close its eyes when sleeping.
Razor glitch

A sleeping Razorwhip with fully open eyes

  • In v2.8.0, every dragon won't play the "Firing during Flight" animation with the exception of the Razorwhip, who will only play the head animation.
Razor fire fly v2 2

V2.8.0 Razorwhip firing during flight, notice that only the head moves as opposed to the whole body and neck also move along (one may compare this with the "Firing during Flight" picture).

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