Open Sea is a Non-Member Location that was added in an unknown update, along with the quest The Wide, Open Sea.

The Player will be teleported on top of a small sea stack from a small, rocky island. Unlike some other locations, you cannot swim in the water, instead, you will be teleported to the sea stack. In front of the island, there's 3 small, wrecked ships with 3 fishing spots, which can be only be fished by using a Gronckle.

Behind the island, you can see The School, however, it isn't possible to reach it due being a teleporter to The School in the middle of the way.

Ways to AccessEdit

  • Via Teleporter
  • Via Map
  • Via The School's Wide Wall Crack (mission only)

Fishing SpotEdit

There's about 3 fishing spots, all Saltwater. If the player flies a Gronckle nearby the water, the Fishing Icon will eventually appear. Not only Saltwater fishes will appear but, if the player uses the Glowing Lugworms, Deep Water fishes (Angler Fish and Viper Fish) will appear.


  • This is the only place that the player can use a Gronckle to fish with.
Gronk fish

Fishing with a Gronckle - How it looks like


  • At some points, the water will rapidly flash from blue to white (it increases in the player is fishing), which can be awful to people with epilepsy or problems with flashing lights. It was fixed since.


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