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Nikora Stormheart is a pirate queen that arrived in the archipelago seeking new business opportunities.

She owns a powerful warship,the Tempest, and has several men under her command. From the cages on her vessel, it's clear that Nikora's business is related to dragon hunting.

When she first meet the player, she states that she has no intention to harm Berk or Hiccup, and she only wants everyone to stay away from her business, but soon her ill will is apparent, and she set up various traps and battles against the Dragon Trainers.

She demonstrates to have deep knowledge of dragons, that she uses at her convenience. She exploits the properties of Grimora, a dragon parasite, for her advantage. She has several Moldruffles and a Gronckle on her ship to warm up the furnace. She apparently trained a Seashocker. She has also advanced knowledge in technology, as she can build self-animated automoton to help her in her battles.

She is cruel, as she won't hesitate to crush her enemies, and have no respect for life, as shown in the quest Ultimatum. She demonstrates in several occasions that she won't keep her word once obtained what she wants.

From the Wrath of Stormheart expansion, we learn from Harald (The New Auction Island quest) that her ancestors ruled over some islands in the Archipelago centuries ago. Now the inhabitants of Auction Island has recognized her as her leader, in an apparently peaceful change of power.

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The Tempest is Nikora's warship. It's a huge vessel, with 2 main decks, with 2 spiked doors on the front. This leaves a sea portion inside the ship, that lets Stormheart trap smaller ships within her vessel.

Apparently, the huge ship is moved thanks to steam force, and for this purpose on the central back portion of the ship there is a huge furnace with supposedly water inside, heated up by Moldruffles and Gronckles.

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