The Night Fury is a Strike Class dragon. Toothless is presumably the only living Night Fury in the lands surrounding Berk, and the only way to obtain Toothless in your game is to purchase a three-, six-, twelve-month or the recent 7 days trial membership for your account. Currently, Toothless can only be used by players with an active membership package of three months or longer, though he will continue to take up stable space once the player is no longer a member. However, players who purchased membership before 10/16/14 are allowed permanent access to Toothless.


From the School of Dragons Game Guide:

"Toothless is a Night Fury dragon, one of the most mysterious species of Dragons that exist. In the Journal of Dragons, he is placed in what is known as the Strike Class.
"Physically, he is of medium sized build with jet black scales covering his body. Hiccup gives him the name Toothless because of his retractable teeth. Rather than breath fire like most dragons, Toothless is able to shoot plasma. He is also extremely agile and uses his speed and coloring to hide from the Vikings in the night sky. He has the ability to ‘Dive Bomb’, which involves diving from great heights, gaining tremendous speed at a downwards angle, and shooting his plasma bolts.
"Toothless is very headstrong – while he will listen to Hiccup some of the time, he is inclined to do what he wants, when he wants. He is also observed to be playful and active, often observing what Hiccup does and mimicking him."

For more information on the Night Fury, visit here.


  • 8/8/13, version 2.0: Night Fury flying animations updated.
  • Toothless has his own animation but shares it with many other dragons.
  • 5/24/16: Alpha Glow for Toothless was introduced, it's an exclusive for 6 months and 1 year members. It seems to be a special skin that can be equipped on Toothless.
  • 8/25/17, version 2.8: Night Fury hovering animation was added.


  • Toothless' Model is one of the most used models in-game, which results in some "long-necked" dragons (like the Sliquifier and the Grapple Grounder) to have a wonky animation.
    • There are dragons that also have Toothless' model but, it can be much harder to tell due the Developers modifying the Dragon's model and giving it more animations (such as the Singetail, which has Toothless' model but, the best way to see it is by playing with it by using the Light toy. With that, the Singetail will make the exact same animation that the Sliquifier has when trying to catch the light... which it also has the Toothless model).
  • Players have expectations that the Blue Egg that was going to hatch at the end of Return to Dragon Island will be a Night Fury, due the Egg's colors and look, and due Hiccup's final phrase: "This... changes everything.";
  • For unknown reasons, Toothless has a costumization screen but, you can't rename him nor color him.

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