This is the Alpha stage of the Cogs minigame, to the real game, go here

Mysterious Gear Minigame is a place-holder for an early alpha stage Gear Minigame (added in v2.5.0, December 21th of 2016) whom can be discovered in The School. This has been fixed in 22th of December, 2016.

Encounter SpotEdit

The Encounter Spot is between the "hallway" to The Wilderness and The Lab and, in order to encounter the Minigame, you have to walk around the area in a similiar Pokemon fashion.

Encounter spot

Player walking around the Encounter Spot, triggering the Minigame

When triggered, the screen will change to the Minigame's.


Level SelectEdit

Mysterious minigame 1

Level Select

The background consists in 3 squares (one black, one slightly grey and another brown) glitched up. As for the main screen, is a large brown square with an "X" button on the upper right corner. Down at the bottom is a small menu without options.

Inside the Level Select, there are only 2 levels (both with 3 empty stars). When a level is selected, the screen will flip.

Level 1Edit

Mysterious minigame 2

First Level

The first level consists in a brown gear on the right side and a gear with a blue target texture on the left side.

On the top corner is the timer and the number of moves below it. Below both counters is the Start button (the Option icon) and the Reset button.

The objective is make all the gears rotate, the starting point being the Blue Gear. To place a gear, the player has to hold and drag the gear to the screen, whom will immediately hold onto another gear when detecting the surface of the closest gear.

Mgame gear 4

The Untextured Gear

The player only has 1 gear (an untextured gear) to complete the level.

Level 2Edit

Mysterious minigame 3

Second Level

The second consists in 2 brown (one in each corner) and one blue gear (with what it seems to be a broken "switch" figure) on the top of the screen.

While the first level has the Blue Gear as the Statting Point, in this level, the Starting Point is the left side's gear.

This time around, the player has:

Due to the lack of Collesion Detection from the Star Gear, said gear is optional and mostly useless.

Star gear

Due to the lack of Collesion Detection of the Star Gear, the gear acts like it can't detect the others despite being capable of detecting the surface of the gears.

Completion ScreenEdit

Mgame menu

The Completion Screen

When the player completes a level (whom is actually possible to do so), the player will recieve a screen showing:

  • Number of Moves;
  • How much it took to finish it;
  • Score;

On the left side, shows how many stars the player recieved (from 0 to 3).

Below is the Score Board along with the Try Again button, Main Menu Button and the Next Button (Level 1 exclusive). If the player hovers the curson on both the Main Menu and Next button, it will show the Cancel Button instead of the blue texture. Clicking on the 1v1 button will lock the player on the choosen level screen.


  • It's unknown how the Developers left this major glitch open to the players without verify if everything is as it should be;
    • This is one of the various cases of faulty Game Testing.


Mysterious Gear Minigame - School of Dragons03:46

Mysterious Gear Minigame - School of Dragons

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