The Mudraker is a Tracker Class dragon introduced on May 15th, 2015. It can be purchased from the store for 750 gems (600 for members).


From the How to Train Your Dragon Wiki:

"This dragon is vastly more comfortable in the water than the air or ground. It’s build and abilities allow it to thrive in both the shallows and deep ends of bodies of water.
"Mudrakers love being in water, and while they have a fierce appearance and the behavior of a deadly alligator, these dragons are actually very playful and fun to be around! Mudrakers enjoy having fun, especially in the water, and are known to push Vikings into the water or splash mud on their trainers! But if Vikings need to relax with these dragons after all the fun in the water they can! Mudrakers love to bask in the warmth of the sun while lazily floating in the water!
"But a Mudraker isn't made just for swimming and sleeping however! Even though these dragons are not naturally designed predators, they have unique skills that let them command the swamps! It can use sonic blasts as a strong weapon that travels through water at intense speeds, creating massive and powerful waves. Mudrakers can also use echolocation through sound-waves to find its friends and foes deep within the dark crevices of the marshes, their thick hides give them a lot protection from other deadly animals that lurk in the waters!
"Mudrakers are fun-loving and easygoing dragons that offer Vikings an awesome training experience!"

For more information on the Mudraker, visit here.

Notable MudrakersEdit


  • After the release of the Moldruffle, the first SoD-original dragon, people gave generally positive comments and compliments on it. However, people were very disappointed after the release of the Mudraker due how much of a Thunderclaw copycat it is and how it's nearly the same dragon as the Moldruffle.
    • This generated a large controversy (not as big as the Grapple Grounder controversy) over the SoD Forums, with people that love the dragon versus people that hate the dragon. This eventually calmed down and the Mudraker is mentioned a few times.
    • This was one of a few times that the SoD Forum made a huge controversy over a dragon, the other dragon is the Grapple Grounder.


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