The Monstrous Nightmare is a Stoker Class dragon and one of the seven breeds available to adopt at the beginning of the game. It can also be purchased for 225 gems (180 gems for members).


From the School of Dragons Game Guide:

"The Monstrous Nightmare species are known to be some of the most ferocious and aggressive dragons that the Vikings have ever seen. In the Journal of Dragons, the Monstrous Nightmares are classified in the Stoker Class. A Monstrous Nightmare’s key talent is to ‘Fire Burst’, allowing them to set their entire body on fire. The Monstrous Nightmares have a lot of really high leveled features, such as a high attack speed, flight speed, firepower, shot limit, and armor.
"This creature is usually either a purple or scarlet in color with snake-like features. Sly and slippery, Monstrous Nightmares also uses its claw-tipped wings to crawl along the ground. Their lizard like appearance sets them off to appear like rodents of the dragon world. However, these feisty heated dragon species burn anything that comes to sight. Their intimidating glowing eyes strike fear to those who come near."

For more information on Monstrous Nightmares, visit here.

In Quests Edit

Call of the Death Song Edit

Monstrous Nightmare gel is mentioned as a primary tool to dissolve Death Song amber.

Quest: The Mystery of Sven's Farm Edit

An anonymous Monstrous Nightmare is found trapped in Death Song amber in Sven's Farm.


  • 9/27/13 version 4.2: Nightmare detail texture adjusted; previous version was too dark to notice any changes.
  • The Titanwing stage was introduced on April 20th, 2016.


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