The Moldruffle is a Stoker Class dragon original to the School of Dragons introduced on May 5th, 2015. They can be purchased for 600 gems (480 for members) from the store.


From the How to Train Your Dragon Wiki:

"The Moldruffle is incredibly catlike in nature. They are intelligent and curious with very keen senses, though it switches its focus from one thing on to another very quickly. The Moldruffle is an excellent hunter; its sharp, long-range vision helps it spot its prey. They are quick and precise, and can glide through strong winds.
"These dragons have an aerodynamic build, making them quick and agile hunters. They also have a lot of stamina and travel great distances, as stated in the School of Dragons description.
"The Moldruffle also has quite a unusual way to communicate with others of dragons of its kind. The Moldruffle's sharp horns resonate a pure sound when struck against objects and this is used to send a message to its dragon kin.
"Moldruffles have been known to gather fire on the edges of their wings and tail, using their fan-like tail to strengthen the blazing flames. Imagine the terror of seeing a fiery inferno diving at a prey with incredible speed and precision! And since they are able to travel great distances this would mean their ability would be extremely powerful over time by strengthening the blaze with its tail."

For more information on the Moldruffle, visit here.


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