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Headmaster: "Now that you've been here a while, it's time to get to know more about your fellow Vikings! Go talk to everyone about their clan. Make sure you pay attention! This information might be valuable later."

1- Meet Valka at Berk

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Valka: "My son, Hiccup Horrensous Haddock, is the head of the Haddock clan. He's also the chieftain of Berk! I have spent so much time away from Berk, but I carry the proud tradition of my family."

2- Meet Ruffnut by her house

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Ruffnut: "Dude, my brother and I are proud members of the Thorston Clan. We're from a long line of berserker warriors, like you couldn't tell from looking at us! Gruffnut and Scruffnut are Thorston Clan members you haven't met yet."

3- Meet Tuffnut by his house in Berk

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Tuffnut: "The Thorston Clan is the best. We never think before we leap! I'm so proud. Thorston skulls are really thick, too, so we're really good at headbutting things. Do you want to see?"

4- Meet Hiccup by his house in Berk

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Hiccup: "My father will probably mention how strong the Haddock Clan is. That's not really my focus. Our Clan also has a long history of building alliances! Cool, huh?"

5- Meet Snotlout by his house in Berk

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Snotlout: "You've come to talk to the best! I'm a warrior of the Jorgenson Clan. We're relentless warriors and we're amazing at throwing weapons.
My father Spitelout is a Jorgenson and our clan also has Scablout, Wartlout, and Burplout. He's the record holder for the longest burp! Cool, huh?"

6- Talk to Astrid by her house in Berk

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Astrid: "I'm from the Hofferson Clan! We have a proud history of smart strategists. Be careful of challenging us on hand to hand. I'd hand you your loss in a second! In my Clan, we also have Asfrid, Asgerd, and Asger."

7- Meet Fishlegs by his house in Berk

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Fishlegs: "I'm a proud member of the Ingerman Clan! Our Clan has been written down in many histiry books as fun seeking Vikings! That's why I read so many books ... because it's fun!
My clan members include Froglegs, Piglegs, and Wolflegs. Piglegs is really mad at Wolflegs right now, though, since Wolflegs keeps knocking his house down."

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Headmaster: "That was a lot of information about all the different clans, [Your Viking's Name]. I hope you took good notes!"