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Snotlout: "Listen up, new kid. You might think you are the hottest dragon trainer to hit this side of the archipelago... but it doesn't matter until Snotlout gives his seal of approval. I need to see you and your dragon work as one in our obstacle course. Enter Fireball Frenzy next to me and show me what you got!"

1- Enter Fireball Frenzy

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Snotlout: "I love that!

I mean... not bad for a newbie. You're not in the clear yet! You need to show me that you can fly your dragon through some intense courses. Follow the quest arrow and talk to Hiccup!"

2- Talk to Hiccup

Hiccup icon

Hiccup: "Don't let Snotlout get inside your head, [Your Viking's Name]. This is kind of his weird way of showing affection.

An important part of training is flying through the sky with our dragons! We'll tech you how to get the most speed out of your dragons in Flight Club. Enter the building next to me to get started!"

3- Play Flight Club

(Flight Club Tutorial)

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Snotlout: "Whew! Did you feel the burn?"

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Hiccup: "You aced it, pal! Your scores would satisfy even Astrid, so I'm sure Snotlout won't have any objections. Go back to Snotlout and tell him how you did."

4- Talk to Snotlout

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Snotlout: "Pretty great! Okay, okay... it looks like I won't have to take care of you after all. That's an impressive score, [Your Viking's Name]."